V1.3.1 Map Patch Released!

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Hi everybody, we are delighted to inform you that we are releasing a quick patch for Alderaan, Kamino and Smuggler. Note that for Alderaan it means that its last Open Beta is being released. Files available via direct download. Later launcher update will be added.

Server owners, here's an incremental update!

CHANGELOG (10-09-2015)

  • Forcefield behind ship is no longer reflective
  • Added highground to rebel spawn. Accessible to any class.
  • Vents can now be entered from rebel spawn side by any class*
*only classes that don't fit vents cannot access it - deka, sbd, wookiee

  • Round time changed from 5 to 3 minutes
  • Added doors (not locked) to rebel spawn
  • After hacking control room, imperial respawn classes respawn at control room
  • Added global sound for when imperials manage to breach security to raise awarness
  • Added some misc brushes
  • Removed several boxes
  • Replaced some boxes with models
  • Overall optimalization revamp
  • Hologram in control room changes when security is breached
  • Entities clean-up
  • Timer on bomb is now set to 35 seconds (+10)
  • Added beep sounds to signalize last 10 seconds to detonation
  • New routes added.
  • Lowered all bomb arm times (3s -> 2.5s)
  • Lowered all bomb disarm times (6s -> 5s)
  • Moved main objective room between both teams.
  • Removed door objective requirement into the objective (now always accessible)
  • Expanded side doorway into objective room.
  • Secondary objective is now outside on the landing pad and grants access to minor additional routes into the Science Lab.
  • Added door status indicators to several doors to denote objective, locked doors, and doors unlocked via seconday objective.
  • Fixed some broken hint brushes
  • Updated Objective map, minimap, siege file
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