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Internal Beta Team
In-Game nickname: AOD_Duckshark

MBII Experience: How long have you been playing MBII: Multiple stints since early 2018. 1500+ hrs total.

Age: How old are you? 19

Description: I play MB2 actively, both Open and Duel mode, and would like to enforce order on the servers if things get out of hand. I've been a fairly relaxed admin in the past, and I'd only use smod to take care of players seriously affecting the playing population (TKing, serial timewasting, laming, chatbind spam). I enjoy playing on the official servers as long as there is not an excess of toxicity, but recently that is becoming more and more of an issue.

Admin experience: Longsword Servers

Reason: There are very few active US Official admins. Of those with admin, only a few play on the official servers as well. I'd hope to change that and actively help manage and grow the population on the official servers.

References: Who in the community might vouch for your conduct? A$APRocky, Sandy, Weslaehyes, Sneaky Rogue, Frenzy, Zane, GeneralKenobi
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Movie Battles II Team
I feel hesitant to approve of you for admin, considering the way you react so strongly to certain situations that bother you. Adminning definitely requires keeping a cool head. I think at times, you have that, but there are also moments (like today, and other days I have personally witnessed) where that doesn't happen. If these people who you say vouch for you speak up and have some good examples as to why you would be a good admin, let's hear it, because as it stands right now, I don't think you are ready.

I certainly appreciate your passion for the game and all that you have done thus far, it has not gone unnoticed. But I do think you might need a bit more time and maturity with admin before you get it on Official.