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Discussion in 'Feedback & Gameplay' started by Hexodious, Nov 17, 2018.

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    Current Function:
    - Dart enemy to provide blinking vision through walls, and display tiered % of hp (low/med/high) for yourself.
    - 3 uses per rank.
    - 2 Ranks [5][5]

    Proposed Function:
    - Dart enemy to provide blinking vision through walls, and display tiered % of hp (low/med/high) to you and all your allies.
    - 1 use per rank.
    - 3 Ranks [5][5][5]

    Have less darts but make each dart more impactful, provide utility that others can benefit off to increase teamplay outside of VOIP scenarios.
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  2. SK5

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    Yeah that would make it at least somewhat useful but being visible to the WHOLE team would require some sort of timer. 1 minute sounds decent.
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  3. Liniyka_xddd


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    They are very useful as is and I don't see a reason to buff them

    And let me just say that your dart idea would make them borderline overpowered - just imagine playing against a BH with it. You get darted once at the start of the round and the entire enemy team sees you through walls now. Very cool! Combine that with a fact that you cannot counter these darts and we have a very fun and balanced gadget.
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  4. StarWarsGeek

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    Cool idea but this is definitely a big issue. One solution is only showing it to the teammates nearby the BH and ending when the BH dies.

    Even then, I think it would still be OP unless rebs also got a similar tool. *cough*battlemeditation*cough*
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  5. President Bossk

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    This change sounds like it would cause a lot of balance issues, I say leave them as is.

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