Tournament of Power Fri Feb 23rd 7 PM GMT+1. Duel Tournament Sat Feb 24th 8 PM GMT+1

Tournament of Power >> Team-based 1v1s -- This Friday 7PM GMT+1

General description

Teams will be decided by counting down the numbers
Teams are preferred to be played in 5 man teams, but can be adjusted to be less or more depending on participants
Each team will have an Ace player who will be decided by the host, that ace player MUST be the last player to fight the enemy team, he can be sent in earlier for 1 duel Team leader is the Ace


How it works

The ace will always send one player
The players will fight in either a first to 3 or a bo3 1v1, depending on the amount of players attended The winning player will duel the next opponent, and the losing player is eliminated for the current match
A team wins by eliminating all the players of the enemy team
If ace loses a fight he chose himself, he has to play with sd1 the next time he fights

- Presented by Joel, MOV, Leons -

Duel Tournament -- This Saturday 8PM GMT+1

  • only yellow style
  • FT3 Double Elimination Brackets, Semi-Finals FT5, Grand Finals FT10
  • no force powers
  • no melee
  • only players who are going to have fight joins, other players spectate duel

To sign in for events, click interested at Je'daii discord events tab at events announcement or dm kerajan
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