This will be a day long remembered, soon the aliit is no more

At one time, the chosen one of the prophecy, the most powerful being, was cornered by five cuckolds, he, along with his mia slave and his henchmen Aliits have supernatural powers to seal me in their reality, it was there that the war started, I faced fives for days, having my senses destroyed every day, until fives had the audacity to expel me from all realities, so with a new IP I began my revenge, I eliminated papa John and stole his power, I killed kefku and stole his power too, so as a spy I returned as Johannes to the gonk Universe, until the damn aliit took me out again, but it was already decreed who won, I started operation knightfall, no aliit member survived, I won, the deceased aliits, my new empire where Trolls ruled, long live Movie battles 2! I brought peace! My new empire.


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