Steam Integration Tools Release


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Hi, I apologize if this is the wrong section to post this in, it has been a long time since I posted here.
In the last few months I have been working on research related to Steamworks API and how to integrate it into JKA. Well, today I have something to share: the JA Steam Integration Tools.

The premise is simple. When this Pull Request's code has been implemented (still pending inclusion from the devs!), and you download my Steam Integration Tools and place it within your Gamedata folder, you will be able to use Steam features within the MB2 Client! Meaning, now you no longer need to use jamp.exe if you want to have Steam hours tracking or use the in-game Steam overlay!
This is a good thing, as it means the only downside now to using OpenJK over the original game files is the lack of widescreen integration with OpenJK (but this can be fixed by the devs, I hope!)

In the future you might also see some features get added to this, such as:
  • Steam Controller support
  • Steam Rich Presence support (some work has been done on this by Bucky and folks over at eternaljk)
  • Inviting other players to your game
  • Joining other players' games
However we will not see things such as Steam Achievements, Trading Cards and other stuff like that - these would have to be added by Ravensoft.
That being said, this is not currently supported officially by Valve, Activision or Ravensoft. I am currently working with the folks over at Valve to amend the Steam Subscriber Agreement to make an exclusion for this particular type of situation, as it also affects other source ports for games such as Doom, Heretic/Hexen, etc.