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Scripting is a real problem. Most people assume that most scripters are jedi/sith, but that's wrong, most of them are gunners using some kind of snapping or time script to give them an advantage under some random alias I have never seen in all my years of playing but then obtaining kills left and right with nearly perfect aim but their movements consist of walking backwards or standing in a corner with no strategy or dodging. I have tested mb2's anti script by simply running an autoclicker script on the game to see if its blocked and it was, but then i boot up the vm and it works. I can understand I guess, seeing as how this is a mod for a game and anti cheat software, especially when VMs are involved is difficult to do even for billion dollar companies, but it makes playing on open kinda cancer at times when somehow some gunner is able to track your movements within a nanosecond. Seriously when you meet a sus gunner on sith side go jedi with speed and when approaching him try juking his shots by using speed unpredictably right before a shot comes out and see if he somehow immediately snaps onto you to find the obvious ones. Scripters ruin my gamer experience and I hope for a future where anti cheat is perfected
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Tbh, I rarely see any scripters or hackers on open. It's a once in a blue moon scenario, Developers have a rough time tracking scripts and are pretty limited. Maybe one day MB2 will upgrade to a new engine and developing a competent Anti Cheat will be much easier.

Victin Halcyon

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The only vivid experience I have of watching someone who may have been using something like aim-assist recently was when I specced a hero using p3 who was very effectively tracking and hitting a Mando jetpacking and juking backwards from them at an erratic angle.

What made it weird were the mouse-tracking movements--exclusively L-shaped (repeatedly tracking straight left or right and then straight up to aim at the Mando in tiny increments). I think even the very best aimers instinctively track diagonally if a target is anywhere above them besides directly-overhead--but this guy's L-shaped aiming pattern was very distinctive.

It's too easy, I think, to get lucky tracking a speeding Jedi, so I'm not sure about that as a litmus test. Otherwise, I agree with Rogue that seeing exploits (at least egregious ones) is relatively rare, at least on NA servers.