You guys have been asking for years for more and more transparency as to what we are working on with some suggesting the creation of a public roadmap.

Well, today is that day.

What to Expect:

  • Seeing various Tasks under specific development categories.
  • Developers working on a Task.
  • Checklists, Notes, Screenshots showing the progress of a Task.
  • Release Estimates.
  • Dreams for the future.
  • Recent Release Category with all recently released items.
Please take note:
  • Items on the roadmap are potential goals for the MBII team to update at their discretion.
  • Not all potential items are currently listed.
  • Items are always subject to change.
  • The existence of an item being on the roadmap itself does not guarantee that item to ever be released.
  • An item's release date is an estimation intended to act as a goal for that particular item, but does not guarantee that item's release.
  • The roadmap is a living document that is still fairly fresh:
    • Features in the roadmap are still being added and constructed.
    • Not all developers are yet included in the roadmap.
For the Lightning fixes, have you considered making lightning usable when knocked down? (Ala Sidious Ep.3 against Windu). Right now Arcs can shoot while knocked-down and it would be a great way to "buff" lightning without making it any more powerful. It might even elevate a lot of the complaints about lightning.

Also why haven't we ever included a Jar Jar model for vanilla? The character has more speaking lines than anyone in Episode 1 besides Qui Gon, and was crucial to putting the Sith in power.

Edit: First post. I joined just to comment that and I didn't read the rules. Just let me know if I'm violating any rules by posting suggestions in this thread.
Still no lootboxes!?! What is this? Come on Nintendo, wake up

On a serious note, thank you for posting this for all to see. It's good to have this level of transparency from a Dev team compared to what alot of other groups and teams are like
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Hey guys, I've been playing Mando recently and I had some skin ideas (which might be shit XD ) those are:
The crusader (we already have the cool neo-crusader in the imperial commander)
The imperial super commando
The powertech (which we will kinda have with the Visla skin)
And the ancient Mando (which won't be a surprise not to have since there aren't too many pictures of it)

I do realize that your hands are full with the next couple of updates and they are looking really cool, but I wish we could have one or two of these skins made and put into the game in the next year or two :)


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Movie Battles II Team
Study it!
That pic ain't accurate. Currently if you're in third person, horizontal zones are more like head height, plus horizontal zones overlap with diagonal zones.