Requesting frags for Mb2 community frag movie

Yo players,

I’m Megamind, an Australian Mb2 player. Most of you won’t know me, but I’m a long-time player. I have a real passion for the mod and a great appreciation for the competitive and skill side of the game. I’d like to give something back to the mod and provide an opportunity to showcase players and gameplay at the highest level.

I’m seeking frags for an Mb2 community frag movie: “Legendary”. Here are some details that will hopefully inspire your interest:
  • Showcase exceptional players from the North American, South American, European and Australian Mb2 communities
  • Include frags from the past 16 years of the mod (from Build 19 in 2007 to the current version in 2023)
  • Include high quality frags with no filler
  • Use of a range of in-game tools for visual effect, such as 1st/3rd pov, camera displacement cvars, Pugmod, Jamme.
  • Include cinematographic and editing techniques never-before-seen in previous Mb2 frag movies
  • Release in early 2024.
I currently have about 100 outstanding frags from past builds. All four Mb2 communities are currently represented. Some of the 27 players included are Blunt, Gargos, Angrenost, Varlesh, Schizo, Grimmah, Gaunt, Blaze, Doll and Andrew Past.

However, a whole new generation of outstanding players now exist. I would like to include you and your skill in this movie as well.

If you would like to be immortalised in an epic frag movie for years to come, please submit frags to me! Details follow:
  • Only submit high quality frags, e.g. sprees, team frags, air kills, great shots, funny. Please be aware that the standard of the current demo collection is very high and there is no chance sub-standard frags will make it into the film.
  • Must be frags from Open mode.
  • Must submit demos in demo format (.dm_26) from MBII > demos folder.
  • Please try and record 1 round per demo. It will save me a lot of time if I don’t have to watch demos with multiple rounds before it reaches the frag.
  • Package demos in zipped file.
  • Renaming demos or including a document with short descriptions is optional, but would be much appreciated.
  • Submit by October 2, 2023. That would give everyone about 1 month to record frags.
  • Submit to [email protected] (Yes this really is the email – it’s an email alias so I don’t get spammed by forum bots)
Thanks guys. I can’t wait to see some amazing content!
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I'm sorry but if you put catman out of this list it would be one of the worst movies of all time! and also the biggest war crime in modern history


Movie Battles II Team
Wait what, is it you metaguardian? Is this a ruse or are we finally getting the og super mega frag video we all have been waiting for? Lmao it would be fuckin sick to get frags all the way from 2007 to a modern vid