Reduce round time to 4:30

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Reducing the round time would greatly improve this game (as I previously discussed in: Reduce the round time limit), and by such a small amount as 30 seconds it wouldn't create any problems either. It's already too long. I find this round time of 4:30 optimal for the current state of things (without changing anything).


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Just in case people didnt notice check our recent major news post: Dev Diary: New Year. New Plans.

It mentions that progressive siege has the ability to have different time limits on a per-round basis. There are some other controls we have too where I am thinking of implementing first on DOTF where we put the time limit at 4:30 and the secondary objective gives the additional 30 second boost in addition to its other effects. Down the line further enhancing things by allowing "over time" for balance of power/king of the hill type stuff.