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[OUT OF SCOPE] Problem with the demo-feature

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Alright so I made several demos, I load it up and type in the console cl_avidemo 30. I render the scenes I need and look in the demo folder (GameData ->MBII -> Demos) but there are only the dm-26 files. I look in the screenshot folder and every rendered frame is in there. How can I change that? I want to render it in a mp4 or avi file.

edit: i am not using jamme, im using the normal demo tool
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^ Yes, but most people didn't back in the day when this was used. Classic frag vids just blasted music.

The command is an ancient engine feature, so unless your computer is too slow, you're better off playing back the demo in realtime and recording with a third party application like you would with most other games. Given that JKA can only use a single core anyway, I would not anticipate this introducing much if any encoding lag on most systems.