Origin of Gogo Cocker's scream, hatred, fear and anger against the Aliits.

reflects a deep sense of longing and determination on Gogo's part. It talks about following in the footsteps of someone who has left, keeping memories and facing the sadness of separation. There's a desire not to wake up from a dream where you're still with the person you love, who took care of you and taught you, in an internal struggle to show your true feelings.

The theme fits perfectly into the context of the game, where many characters face losses and struggle with the pain of separations and memories (im rebel, bob, davik, vioxini, master baiter, blue milk, obi wan, kefku, papa john, masterbaiter, among other trolls). In the specific case mentioned, the disappearance of Mestra Kefku/Kimmy and Gogo's cries are symbols of this suffering and the desire for everything to be just a dream, waiting for the moment of reunion and overcoming.

The speech, with its melody and emotive dialogues, manages to capture the essence of these emotions, resonating deeply with those who have gone through similar experiences of loss and longing.

and with the loss of kefku, he decided to exterminate both the DK clan and the Aliits, placing the blame against all the Clans, bringing an order of peace, provided by fear.

``` — SITH . ``` ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ╰┈─➤ ❝*Peace is a lie, only emotion matters; With emotion, I gain strength; With strength, I gain power; With power, I win victories; With victories, my chains break; Strength will set me free; There is no peace, there is anger; There is no fear, there is power; There is no death, there is immortality; There is no weakness, there is the Dark Side; I am the Heart of Darkness; I do not know fear, but I instill it in my enemies; I am the destroyer of worlds; I know the power of the Dark Side; I am the fire of hate; The entire Universe bows before me; I toast to Darkness; For I found true life, in the death of the Light.*❞

What I was left with was the thought of destroying all the tryhaders


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