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Technical Issue One Server Only

Discussion in 'Support' started by r00d d00d, Jun 19, 2018.

  1. r00d d00d

    r00d d00d

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    So, I launched MB II, went to the Internet server list, only to find 1 server in the list, let me discuss a few things before you reply.

    I'm using the Steam version.
    I'm using Peneke Pack.
    The launcher is not up to date.
    The launcher does not run the game.
    I use the launcher only to keep it running while playing.
    I launch the game in Steam by going to JA, and selecting Multiplayer, and it ran fine.
    All servers were visible when the launcher update happened, but not anymore.

    Any support? I could use some.
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  2. Defiant

    Defiant Project Leader Movie Battles II Team Code Leader

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    That'll be your problem. You didn't pick up 1.5 because your launcher isn't up to date. You need the latest version of launcher to pass the anti-cheat checks in 1.5 as we fixed some causes of false positives.
  3. MortalClaptrap


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    Update your shit before you complain on the forum.

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