Moviebattles II V1.9.1 Released


V1.9.1 Update

  • Map mode restriction feature so maps designed only to be played in a specific mode (such as FA) can be designated as such.
  • Modified effect loading to reduce resource usage and fixed many effect related bugs.
  • Some fixes and additions to existing map entities.
  • Changes and fixes related to CTF maps and vehicles.
  • Full Authentic
    • Cosmetic skin/saber hilt selection feature for some FA characters (if FA is configured to use it).
    • New FA for OT CTF/PTF maps (Yavin, Theed, SDestroyer, Imperial), also unique FAs for CTF Backstreets and CTF Tusken.
    • New FAs for MB2_Tatooine and MB2_SDestroyer.
    • Overhauled Grapple Hook mechanics.
    • Several changes and fixes for FA features.
  • Legends Mode
  • Models
    • Overhauled models and skins for the Mandalorian class (excluding recent Boba Fett addition).
    • Added / changed models for Soldiers (both), Jedi, Sith, Heroes, Bounty Hunters, and Wookiees.
    • Added a handful of new lightsaber hilts.
    • Updated weapon holster system with support for clone / mando pistols.
    • Some soundset adjustments.
    • Performance improvements and fixes for several models.
  • Maps
    • General
      • Added mb2_cmp_telos
      • Modified mb2_ctf_backstreets, mb2_tatooine, um_sarlaccbarge, um_ctf_oceantemple
    • Duel
      • Added um_olympus
      • Modified mb2_duel_wbw, mb2_cmp_duel_calodan, um_bespin, um_bespin_night, um_colosseum
    • Full Authentic
      • Added mb2_veh_destroyer, um_ctf_gib_imperial, pb2_ctf_theed, pb2_ctf_imperial, pb2_ptf_jeditemple, pb2_ptf_sdestroyer, pb2_ctf_bespin, pb2_ctf_rift, som_ptf_sdestroyer, som_theed
      • Modified legosw, um_taspir, um_taspir_guns, um_lavarising
      • Removed pb2_boc, pb2_jtduel, som_corellia
  • PowerBattles FA
    • New classes added and some minor gameplay rebalancing.
    • Added custom respawn timers for CTF maps.
  • Super Open Mode (SOM) FA
    • Added new classes and some cosmetic variants.

  • New: Map Mode Restrictions
    • Map makers can now configure maps to only load in specific modes. If for instance a map is only designed to be played in Full Authentic or Legends, the following can be set in the .siege file: MBModesAllowed "2 4". If the server is not running one of those modes when changing map it will automatically change to the first in the list (in this example, Full Authentic).
    • The server's configured g_Authenticity (as set at startup or when changed by the mbmode command) is remembered and will be restored if the server changes to a map without an override mode.
  • Change: Effect Loading
    • The total number of effects loaded at once has been moderately to significantly reduced, depending on user settings, game mode, map, and full authentic teams. This is intended to address effect loading issues with large total conversion FAs, including Legends, and provide space for planned future additions to the mod.
    • Modification of Enhanced Effects cg_enhancedEffects or Grenade Glow cg_thermalTrails settings will now only take effect the next time the renderer is reloaded (loading a map or using vid_restart).
    • If 255 effects are registered (the limit for JAMP and unmodified engines) a warning will be printed to the console.
  • Change / Fix: Corrected problems with many Open mode / core game effects:
    • Cortosis saber hit effects use colors similar to the color of the lightsaber again, as they did before v1.1.
    • Magnetic Plating's hit effect visuals now work, and are also used when hit by clone pistols and rifles (previously used lightsaber deflect effect).
    • Several effects related to Deka, SBD, and gore are now properly precached in Open mode.
    • Wrist Laser effects are now precached, and other effects that were registered late (e.g. jetpack) are done earlier to prevent complex FAs accidentally breaking them.
    • Fixed path to Droideka death effect and restored Discharge's electrical effect (purely cosmetic - still no self-stun since the change in V1.8).
    • Restored enhanced versions of jetpack thrust effects.
  • New / Change / Fix: Map Entities
    • emplaced_gun
      • Shot effect no longer 'random' for users other than client 0.
      • Death warning flash, explosion effect, and post-death damage texture now work properly.
      • Damage is now properly attributed.
    • misc_siege_item
      • Added a spawn flag (16) which permits use of jetpack and grapple hook while carrying the siege item.
    • trigger_push
      • Can now set a team key so only that team is pushed.
      • Linear spawn flag allows setting a custom speed (previously was always 1000).
    • trigger_hurt
      • No longer damages NPCs with matching team.

  • Change: On CTF maps with protected spawn areas covered by nodrop, spawn bubble protection time is 3x longer (9 seconds).
  • Change / Fix: Improved collision for non-deka ground vehicles (walkers, swoops, and animals) by using configured vehicle length.
  • Fix: Jetpack rockets no longer vanish permanently after their first use on CTF maps and will display again on respawn.
  • Fix: Potentially fixed rare instances where CTF respawn timers could become abnormally long.
  • Fix: Resolved prediction error when running into steep slopes (caused moderate to severe camera jitter depending on ping).

  • New: Added a warning popup at the main menu if client is using GLDirect software rendering.
  • Change: On CTF maps, dead players are now indicated in the scoreboard and their respawn timer shown in the lives column to players on the same team.

Full Authentic
  • New: FA for all Imperial era CTF maps. (SDestroyer, Backstreets, Imperial, Yavin)
  • New: FA for mb2_ctf_backstreets
  • New: FA for mb2_ctf_tusken
  • New: FA for mb2_tatooine
  • New: FA for mb2_SDestroyer
  • New: FA 'Customize' Menu
    • FA creators can now create 'variants' of skin and saber for each FA character.
    • The lines within the .mbch should look like this example and be placed within CharacterInfo:
      model_# "nameofmodel" skin_# "nameofskin" uishader_# "models/players/example/directory/here"
    • For saber variants:
      saber_# "nameof.sab" sabercolor_# #
    • This menu will hide if no variants are available.
  • New / Change / Fix: Grapple Hook
    • More natural swinging movement. Possible to build some momentum by swinging back and forth. When ascending grapple (holding jump) users will still experience swinging motion (no more floating in a straight line).
    • Added firing and hit sounds.
    • Can initiate acrobatic jumps (flip kicks and side wall runs) while grapple swinging if player meets normal prerequisites.
    • Fall damage after releasing a grapple mid-air will be the same as intentionally jumping from that height.
    • Grapple movement acceleration scales up with force jump level 2 and 3. Ascending grapple (holding jump) pauses FP regen, but otherwise FP regen is allowed even if jumping previously.
    • Clone and ARC troopers consume stamina while using grapple hook levels < 4 and grapple line breaks if stamina is depleted.
    • MB_ATT_GRAPPLE_HOOK now has levels:
      • Level 1: Max length 720 units. 3 second cooldown on hit. Ascending consumes 30 stamina per second (Clone and ARC only).
      • Level 2: Max length 1320 units. 1.8 second cooldown on hit. Ascending consumes 20 stamina per second (Clone and ARC only).
      • Level 3: Max length 2520 units. 0.6 second cooldown. Ascending consumes 10 stamina per second (Clone and ARC only).
      • Level 4: Max length 9600 units. 0.3 second cooldown. Can pull down enemies and has different fire animation, sound, and graphics.
    • Grapple line now breaks if obstructed by map geometry for more than a second or if max length is exceeded.
    • Reduced minimum grapple firing distance.
    • Increased cooldown time after successfully pulling an enemy by half a second (3 seconds total).
    • Siege items prevent using grapple hook by default and flags are now dropped if swinging.
    • Should generally be more stable (known issues with getting stuck / thrown into the void / crashing are fixed).
  • New: FP multipliers for weapons in FA (to be put within WeaponInfo):
    • FPMult - FP Multiplier, ignores FPBlockMaxMult / FPNoBlockMinMult / FPNoBlockMaxMult / FPChargeShotMul
    • FPChargeMult - Charge weapon FP multiplier
    • FPBlockMinMult - Minimum FP Damage possible
    • FPBlockMaxMult - Maximum FP Damage possible
    • FPNoBlockMinMult - Minimum FP Damage possible when not blocking
    • FPNoBlockMaxMult - Maximum FP Damage possible when not blocking
  • New: jetpackFuelCap - sets maximum BP/Fuel/Stamina available (similar to MB_ATT_FUEL, only more customizable, 0 - 100)
  • New: weaponflags for sonic, stun and freeze - HELD_SONIC, HELD_STUN, HELD_FREEZE
  • New: Weaponflag which allows for blaster file to ignore block - HELD_IGNOREBLOCK
  • Change: Classflag CFL_FUELREGEN now an attribute: MB_ATT_FUELREGEN
  • Change: Weapon flag HELD_EXPLOSIVE no longer adds an explosion effect. This allows the configured missileMissEffect to be visible.
  • Change: The enhanced effect keys for FA overrides and vehicle weapons no longer use the '1' suffix.
  • Change: Raised FA weapon override limits from 128 to 192 and the limit is now printed in related error messages.
  • Change: Weapon flag HELD_KNOCKDOWN may be used with WP_FragNadeFlags to use old secondary frag nade detonation. Intended for 'stones' and other knockdown-only niche FA uses. The nade is still on a charge timer and will be automatically thrown if held too long.
  • Change: CFL_WFLAMETHROWER damage multiplier lowered from 4x to 3x.
  • Change / Fix: E-Web deployable item uses more authentic red shot effects, and corrected death explosion effect.
  • Change / Fix: Missile overrides for WP_BRYAR_PISTOL required both MissileEffect and PowerupShotEffect be set for either to work. Now will use whatever is set and fallback to the default if missing.
  • Fix: Jetpack override jetpackFinishSound now works.
  • Fix: Flipkick now properly damages enemies (even those with Strength 1-3), also applies a percentage of knockdown depending on what level is set to the attribute - 30%/60%/90%.
  • Fix: Overrides for WP_BRYAR_OLD (Westar Pistol) are now applied.
  • Fix: Corrected reversed primary/alt missile overrides for WP_BOWCASTER.
  • Fix: Corrected reversed primary/alt for humanoid/droid hit effect overrides, and they will now be used as fallback if PrimGore/AltGore are set for the weapon but the damaged entity has no gore config.
  • Fix: If a weapon override does not specify custom player hit effects, the default for the weapon will be used as a fallback.
  • Fix: Dual hitscan pistols will now show tracer effects for both pistols.
  • Fix: Saberthrow now hidden from force power select and FP regen paused while performing a controlled / long distance throw.
  • Fix: Weapon flag HELD_ALTRELOAD can now override the reload animation for WP_REPEATER.
  • Fix: Hilts that have noManualDeactivate set (like vibroblades) will start on when switched to instead of needing to attack or defend to activate.
  • Fix: Regeneration bounding for MB_ATT_SHIELD_RECHARGE now works properly even with high max shield values.
  • Remove: Some legacy weapon effect override keys (fleshImpact, droidImpact, and wallImpact) are now fully removed.

Legends Mode
  • The changes to the characters are too numerous to list so have been split into their own post below. Any servers running custom modifications designed for previous Legends releases should remove them to avoid issues.

  • New / Change: Mandalorian class has been through a complete model overhaul. All of the new models and their skins are done by Mat Gaunt/Mandalorian, replacing the original Mandalorian model overhaul.
    • Jango Fett
    • Deathwatch (MB2 Version, based on original Deathwatch with Pre Viszla helmet pattern)
    • Shadow Collective
    • Wren Clan
    • Jango RGB Variant 1
    • Jango RGB Variant 2
    • Boba RGB Variant 1
    • Boba RGB Variant 2
    • Blue (Based on "The Mandalorian" version replacing MB2's original blue mando skin)
    • Red
    • Green
    • Orange
    • Purple
    • Montross
    • Jaster Mereel
    • Boba Fett (Holiday Special)
    • Green, Orange, and Purple skins based on Classic MB2 Mandalorian skins.
  • New: Added Rebel Pathfinders (from Rogue One) to Rebel Soldiers
  • New: Added Rebel Militia (inspired by TFU) to Rebel Soldiers
  • New: Added Resistance Trooper to Rebel Soldiers
  • New: Added Female Mirialan Trooper to Rebel Soldiers
  • New: Added Cade Skywalker to Jedi
  • New: Added Darth Plagueis the Wise to Sith
  • New: Added Ceremonial Luke Skywalker to Hero
  • New: Added Abyssin species to Bounty Hunters
  • New: Added Kubaz species to Bounty Hunters
  • New: Added Bo-Katan Kryze to Mandalorians
  • New: Added Snoova to Wookiees
  • New: Added the following lightsaber hilts: Jolee Bindo, Juhani, Visas Marr, Sith Marauder, Cin Drallig, and Scardant.
  • New / Change: Jerec now has a chest armor and a robed version seen in Dark Forces 2 cutscenes.
  • New / Change: Partial rewrite of the weapon holster system:
    • Now supports Clone and Westar pistols, including dual pistols. Clone and Mandalorian model holster configs were updated accordingly.
    • Only uses holster config files (old system checked for model tags and gave them priority, which usually caused problems).
    • Some optimization to reduce performance impact.
    • Updated HOLSTER GUIDE.txt in MBAssets3/models/players with all relevant information for modders.
  • New / Change: Jetpack Effects
    • Jetpack nozzle effects now default to using jet1 / jet2 tags for positioning (same as base). The old tags holster_launcher1 / holster_launcher2 will still be used as a fallback if jet tags are not present.
    • Models with a second jetpack for alternate skins are now supported using tags jet3 / jet4 for nozzle effects. The second jetpack must use surface names jetpackb and jetpack_rocketb.
  • Change: May now load up to 32 animevent.cfg files (allows loading more models with unique animation based sounds/effects).
  • Change: Wookiee class has been given +2 soundsets in favor of variety.
  • Change: Added LOD support for:
    • Alien Mercenaries
    • Alora
    • Clonetroopers (revision and added LOD lvl 3)
    • Dark Exile duo
    • Female Mechanic (aka Ponytail Girl in Rebel Soldier)
    • Female Zabrak Mercenary
    • Imperial Commando Technician
    • Jorak Uln
    • Rebel Commando
    • Rebel Grenadier
    • Sith Pureblood
    • Talz
    • Trandoshan
    • Wookiee V2
  • Change: Helmeted Old Republic Soldier now has a unique face instead of reusing Rebel Grenadier's.
  • Change: Added minimalist RGB support for Ponytail Girl.
  • Change: Added finger and lip movement to Imperial Commando.
  • Change: Added eyebrow and mouth movement to Trandoshan.
  • Change: Revised Rebel Commando with more Rogue One/Battlefront themed outfit. Minor visual tweaks.
  • Change: Revised Rebel Grenadier to look more robust.
  • Change: Slightly modified Female TIE Pilot to have an Inferno Squad themed looks.
  • Change: Deepened tone of voice for Bith and Duros (rebel).
  • Change: Reverted Devaronian soundset to galactic basic since KotOR II lines didn't sound villainous enough.
  • Change: Upgraded soundset for Durge to have a more sinister vibe.
  • Change: Atton Rand wears Jedi robes in Nar Shadda FA and in Legends.
  • Change: Updated Yun model (FA only).
  • Change: +5 model merges / -5 model.GLMs in favor of optimization
  • Change / Fix: Complete texture overhaul for Boc Aseca. Bettered visuals for tentacle movement.
  • Change / Fix: Removed cape from maskless TLJ Kylo Ren skins after fixing a visual issue which prevented that configuration previously.
  • Change / Fix: Stormtrooper and Clonetrooper soundsets maintenance
  • Fix: Minor rigging corrections on Jerec (waist), Desann (waist), Cultist (mask), Reborn JO (hood), Reborn Twin (shoulder pads) models.
  • Fix: Vertex normal updates for many vehicle models including: X-Wing, TIE Fighter, TIE Bomber.

  • New: mb2_veh_destroyer - Star destroyer vehicle map from basejka
  • Change: mb2_duel_wbw - updated based on Reepray's latest changes:
    • Adjusted portals and paths to be a more blueish/grayish white.
    • Added ambient noise and an owl's hoot (Morai) which can be heard when strolling around the map.
    • New higher resolution skybox with fewer stars so it is less distracting.
    • Added detail to central 'plaza' area of the map to be more unique / useful for orientation.
  • Change / Fix: mb2_ctf_backstreets
    • Fixed position of several crates across the map to prevent getting stuck.
    • Added a 'jump challenge' route to get up to the top of rebel spawn area.
    • Removed accidental patch caps in the landing pad.
    • Adjusted some minor brushwork for sight line adjustments.
    • More optimizations for the junkyard.
    • Pathing, cover adjustments in the junkyard.
    • Collision updates on some models.
  • Change / Fix: mb2_tatooine
    • Added an FA-only Spawnpoint
    • Fixed some bugs in the terrain.
  • New: mb2_cmp_telos - Based on the KOTOR2 station
  • Change: Restricted Zombie Horror to be FA-only
  • Change / Fix: mb2_cmp_duel_calodan
    - Removed the white fog which was breaking the map for some players
    - Extended the music to be 15 minutes
  • Change: Restricted most MGM maps to only be playable in FA or FA and Legends mode.
  • Change / Fix: legosw
    • Both teams lose on time.
    • Added objective hints for brick delivery areas.
    • Cannot do objective for the other team.
    • May now use jetpack with bricks.
  • New: uM_olympus - Greek themed duel map
  • Change: Restricted several maps to only be playable in specific modes:
    • FA mode: Instagib maps, Antioch, Birdmino, Bouncy maps, Canyon Guns, Castlevania, Crazy Race 1 and 2, Crazytrain, Downfall Guns, Football, Good and Evil, Hammertime, Jawa Race, Laser Tag, Last One Sinking, Lava Party, Nightmare, NarShaddaa Guns, Pirates vs. Ninjas, Prison Raid v4, Rocket Tennis, Sailbarge, Space Race, Super Death Arena, Swoop maps, Taspir Rockets, Throw Them In, and X-Wing.
    • FA and Duel: Lava Duel
    • FA, Duel, and Legends: Ragnos Battle
  • Change / Fix: uM_bespin/uM_bespin_night
    - Removed more entities to help map stability (to avoid crashes when server is full)
  • Change: uM_Sarlaccbarge
  • - Fixed issue with not enough reb spawns
    - Added more slippery areas to sand terrain
    - Sarlacc 'throat' now causes gradual damage
    - Nerfed health of many classes on Jabba's team
    - Added new canon Lando and Nikto models
    - Pistol classes on team Jabba now do more FP damage
    - Gave default reinforcement classses grapple hook
    Change: uM_PistolDuel
    - Added Grapple Hook to FA
    - Expanded/Updated model selections
  • Change: uM_ctf_OceanTemple
    - Added more cover
  • Change: uM_Colosseum
    - Turned the sun back on
  • Fix: uM_Taspir / uM_Taspir_guns
    - Patched up the hole that lead into the void
    Change: uM_gib_bespin / uM_gib_coruscant / uM_gib_narshaddaa renamed to uM_ctf_gib_bespin / uM_ctf_gib_coruscant / uM_ctf__gib_narshaddaa
  • Change: Re-added uM_ctf_gib_imperial
  • Fix: uM_LavaRising - fixed missing Jerec class
  • Fix: Adjusted holsters for classes with hammers

  • New: Melee Mando, Gingerbread Man, Darth Jar Jar and He-Rosh added
  • Change: Switching to PB2 maps now automatically changes mode to FA
  • Fix: Fixed pb2_sdestroyer's broken red team spawn
  • Change: Respawn Timers adjusted per class to 'attempt' to balance PB2 for CTF
  • Change: Minor gameplay adjustments (new abilities from this and older patches) and description changes made to numerous classes
  • New: CTF Maps added:
    • Code:
  • Change: Maps Removed
    • Code:
Super Open Mode
  • Change: Removed SOM_Corellia map
  • Change: Added SOM_PTF_SDestroyer and SOM_Theed maps
  • Change: Classes given model variants thanks to new FA Variant feature
  • New: 7 New Classes added
    • Jedi Knight / Sith Acolyte [2 life mediocre jedi sith class]
    • Gunslinger [Hero like class replaces e-11 proj rifle with dual pistols and lots of different grenades]
    • Shocktrooper [Rapid fire ee-3, 2 grenades, 2 lives]
    • Light Infantry [E-11 2, fast, mid level dodge and dash, a conc and a sonic det]
    • War Droid [ee-3 1, 4 lives, mag plating]
    • Guard [Melee Sword, T-21, Cortosis Armor, 2 lives]
    • Jedi Healer / Sith Alchemist [only 1 slot class in the game to prevent stacking empowerment]

Changed Files ( Manual / Server Downloads )
MBII Maps-Models Credits.txt
mb2_cmp Map List.txt

Changelog Legend
New - New feature or addition to the game.
Change - Changes to the game.
Fix - Bug fix.
Remove - Removed feature.
Feature - New feature name
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Case could be made to add it for the death watch models, but not of the offshoots of jango/boba
Not this particular model because it is based on a non-canon interpretation of it. Once we get a full canon model it will become the default for mandalorian, with the current being for jango. For now we just put it on things like bo katan I believe.
once again this game is run by devs that will favour egotistical edgelord saberists and give them more health and damage over other actually interesting characters to make it as unfun as possible to play gunner or any other actually interesting character

inb4 "sounds like someone is salty! lol! jedi are supposed to kill anything!"


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I know it's a bit late, but I want to take a moment to thank @MaceMadunusus for finally getting CTF out. There were some nasty, nasty, bugs with the respawns and other things years ago, it's a miracle it saw daylight. Great job MB2 Team! Keep it alive!
gotta ask what was the purpose of removing the old mandalorian models. Couldnt the new ones just be added alongside the old ones, cus in my book the new ones are garbo compared to the old ones.