Moviebattles II 1.9.2 Released


V1.9.2 Update
  • Many quality of life features and fixes have been implemented to make the mod less frustrating to play for both new and longtime players.
  • Gameplay
    • Dozens of small balance changes and fixes for common issues across classes, weapons, and abilities. This will likely be the last major update before significant meta shifting gameplay changes begin to be added, so this is intended to help establish a solid foundation for those future updates.
    • The anti-teamkill system has been altered to aggressively punish players that only hurt their own team and close several loopholes that were used to grief without consequences.
  • Servers
    • Many improvements and fixes for server administration features such as SMOD and logging.
    • Added Calendar Event feature which allows servers to run limited time events based on the date. The first available event is Spin which is active on Sundays if enabled by the server.
    • Fixes and enhancements for forceteam command and shuffle.
    • Team balance enforcement and class limits features have been almost entirely redesigned. They should now work consistently and be much less frustrating of an experience for players.
    • Team swap setting has had fixes and the automatic spawn rotation option is now usable with non-CTF maps.
  • UI
    • Added Steam Overlay support within the mod (enabled before startup via Launcher settings).
    • Partial redesign of join system to give more feedback and fix multiple multiple join bugs.
    • Point templates now support saving cosmetic settings and can mark templates as favorites.
    • Several fixes and enhancements across various menus to provide more information and options.
  • Full Authentic
    • Enhancements and fixes for FA-exclusive attributes, powers, and items.
    • FA updates for official maps: mb2_dxun, mb2_enclave, and mb2_jeditemple.
    • FA updates and fixes for non-official maps: 300_thermopylae, mb2_cmp_prison, mb2_cmp_telos, mb2_cmp_narshaddaa, mb2_cmp_reactor, mb2_cmp_hotfo, mb2_cmp_massassi, mb2_cmp_ctf_ascension, Power Battles, and Super Open Mode.
  • Models
    • Over 50 minor variant player models and skins have been added to Open. They are available for selecting in the model customization menu on the right after picking a parent model (denoted by a + sign in the icon).
    • Over a dozen brand new player models have been added to Open with dozens more improvements and fixes for existing ones.
    • Characters from KotOR were given fitting cosmetic weapon overrides.
    • Added several new lightsaber hilts and upgraded the unstable saber blade shader.
    • Added a new custom model system that is much easier to use for creators (these models appear under the 'Extra' tab next to 'Custom'). This will eventually replace the old custom model system.
  • Maps
    • Removed map mode restrictions on most maps. Some still remain where it is vital to gameplay or the map is a duplicate only added to run an FA like Power Battles.
    • Changes and fixes for official maps mb2_cloudcity, mb2_corellia, mb2_deathstar, mb2_ctf_deathstar, mb2_ptf_deathstar, mb2_jeditemple, mb2_smuggler, and mb2_duel_cargoheist.
    • Added new map mb2_cmp_onderon, created by Bob Billy and Frenzy with an FA by iPod.
    • Changes and fixes for CMP maps mb2_cmp_prison, mb2_cmp_narshaddaa, mb2_cmp_telos, mb2_cmp_arena, and mb2_cmp_doomgiver.
    • Added redesigned version of um_dojo_v2 by its original creator Everon.
    • Changes and fixes for uM maps um_bespin, um_bespin_night, um_bespin_tournament, um_ctf_rift, um_olympus, um_prisonraid_v4, and um_ctf_oceantemple.
  • MBII OpenJK Client
    • Added Vulkan renderer option which offers moderate to significant performance improvements and some new features (enabled before startup via Launcher settings).
    • Stability fixes, including a fix for the indefinite 'not responding' freeze when the game is interacted with during map loading.

  • Change: ARC / Clone Stamina no longer regenerates while in knockdown.
  • Change: Disruptor Rifle
    • Nerfed maximum charge damage by ~15%. The damage is still higher than projectile rifle shots, but an undamaged Health 3 Wookiee can survive a headshot now.
    • Added a red flare which will appear in front of the Disruptor barrel while scoped. This is similar to scope glint in other games and is intended to help with spotting the danger of a long distance hitscan sniper.
  • Change: Super Battle Droid
    • Reduced arm blaster base damage from 26 to 24. Compensates for a prior change which removed reduction of damage from low battery.
  • Change: Wookiee Bowcaster
    • Buffed accuracy of level 3 non-charged shots for more consistency at long range.
    • Nerfed overall FP drain. Blocking drains reduced from 7-12 to 6-10. Running drains reduced from 10-14 to 8-11.
  • Change: Force Grip
    • Holding block with a lightsaber no longer protects from force powers while being choked by Force Grip
      • Note: Force Block, if defender has sufficient FP, may still nullify powers.
    • Merely attempting a grip lock no longer ejects players riding vehicles. Requires an actual lock.
    • Grip lock is twice as fast on players riding a vehicle.
    • Grip lock attempts on players riding vehicles only work if the target is on a different team and allowed to eject.
  • Change / Fix: Added missile loop sound for rockets (has been present in the game assets for well over a decade but never used due to wrong path).
  • Change / Fix: Fire Grenades
    • Fire fields generated by secondary throws now last for 8 seconds. Primary throw fire fields still last for 13 seconds.
    • Fixed known cases where fire damage fields could spawn without visible effects.
    • Fire fields that spawn floating mid-air now only last for 2 seconds (only applicable if a fire 'blob' from a detonated nade hits a player while they are jumping or standing over a ledge). Previously these would have been invisible while lasting 13 seconds.
  • Change / Fix: Sonic Grenades
    • Regular jumps are now allowed while stunned by sonic grenades.
      • Note: Intended to allow basic traversal, such as hopping over obstacles, while still maintaining the intended snare effect against agile classes like Jedi/Sith.
    • Fixed sonic mines detonating in proximity of allies when the mine owner runs out of lives.
    • Fixed temporary animation lock that could happen after sonic stun ends if the player was swinging a lightsaber when the stun started.
    • Fixed temporarily being unable to swap weapon after sonic stun ends while using a lightsaber.
  • Change / Fix: ARC Dexterity 3
    • Fixed Dexterity recovery rolls from explosive knockdown being delayed until moving if hit while standing still.
    • Increased cost of recovery roll stamina drain from 15 to 25, and quick getups now also require and deplete the same stamina.
    • Knockdown from other client impacts will cause regular knockdown instead of a recovery roll. This avoids an issue where a super pushed player could repeatedly lock an ARC into a roll.
  • Change / Fix: Droideka
    • Quick Deploy only doubles deployment speed and point cost reduced to 5.
      • Note: The ability was often used mainly for running away, significantly reducing the utility of hard counters like pulse grenades, and generally made it harder to punish sloppy positioning. The reduced point cost reflects the niche focus on ambushing.
    • Fixed failed MT against Droidekas with Advanced Logic not being indicated (separate issue from effects fix below).
    • Fixed a case where Droidekas could sometimes erroneously block lifts.
    • Prevented Droidekas using emplaced guns after a humanoid does.
    • Droidekas may no longer hold siege items while rolling and will automatically drop them when changing mode from walking. In past builds dekas were forced to walk instead, but that feature has not worked for many years.
    • Pain flinch animation is now used (minor, only happens if deka is taking hull damage without doing anything).
    • Fixed hacking bar for dekas and FA player vehicles.
  • Change / Fix: Duel Mode
    • Siege objectives are disabled in duel mode, allowing use of non-duel maps without worrying about objectives ending rounds early and interrupting duels. This is intended to work in concert with a future duel mode change.
    • If g_privateDuels is enabled, vehicles will not be allowed to spawn. Vehicles are not accounted for in private duel code and could cause disruption and potentially crashes.
    • Prevented color from names bleeding over to other text in private duel announcements.
    • Prevented clients touching private duelists sometimes triggering mover blocking/crushing when nothing is actually blocked.
    • Fixed issue where model loading was not always properly deferred when players entered the game or respawned, causing hitching.
  • Change / Fix: Base JKA's push/pull counter system has been relegated to only working for NPCs without forceBlock.
    • Note: It was possible for walking/standing players with sufficient push/pull level to avoid displacement even if they would otherwise be vulnerable to push/pull (no force block / insufficient FP / not holding saber block).
  • Change / Fix: NPCs with teamowner set on their spawner will no longer be affected by allied team force powers.
  • Change / Fix: Jumping and anything dependent on it (e.g. acrobatics, some saber specials) is no longer allowed while crouching. Prevents doing wall kicks inside tiny vents and accompanying camera issues.
  • Change / Fix: SBD Advanced Targeting
    • No longer allowed to slap Advanced Targeting, for consistency with other zoomed weapons and melee.
    • Advanced Targeting overlay now covers the entire screen regardless of aspect ratio.
  • Fix: Weapon change time for swapping to all grenades is now reduced (450 -> 250 ms). Previously this only applied to frags and TDs.
  • Fix: Effects Loading
    • Effects prefixed with 'effect\' will now load properly (caused issues on a handful of maps such as mb2_cmp_narshaddaa).
    • Fixed purple cloud effect not loading (used for Mind Trick failure against Advanced Logic and Force Blind in FA).
    • Fixed FA plasma flamethrower and ice thrower effects not loading.
  • Fix: Crush damage from walker type vehicles will be attributed to the pilot.
  • Fix: Vehicle shield recharging mechanic from base restored for use by non-droidekas.
  • Fix: Homing weapon lock-on mechanic fixed for vehicles.
  • Fix: Emplaced gun FP drain should work normally again instead of draining all FP.
  • Fix: Projectiles can no longer get stuck deflecting inside a lightsaber or cause self-harm if deflected at the wrong angle.
  • Fix: Dexterity jump is no longer restricted with an unloaded PLX-1 after firing a rocket.
  • Fix: Cancelling a dexterity forward dive with melee blocking will now slow momentum. Prevents flying great distances when combined with jumping.
  • Fix: Prevented getting animation locked after using a melee special while swimming.
  • Fix: Footstep sounds will now play while walking over mover entities (func_door, func_breakable, func_static, func_train, etc.).
  • Fix: Prevented most instances of third person camera going through the ceiling in tight spaces.
  • Fix: Third person camera won't stay at standing height if forced into a crouch by the environment after rolling.
  • Fix: Players colliding with map entity brushes will always have their velocity clipped like running into a regular world brush (for instance, can no longer hold jump without falling against the bottom of the ship on mb2_smuggler).
  • Fix: Corrected mistake in force jump logic that could allow continuous jumping regardless of available FP.

Anti-Teamkill System
  • Change: Further changes have been made to address problematic behavior at the start of rounds:
    • A "start of round" protection timer is now in place and adjusts up or down depending on the size of the map. As an example, Smuggler has 3 seconds for its timer and Duel of the Fates has 10 seconds for its timer. The min-max range is 3-10 seconds.
      • If it's Full Authentic, the timer is halved.
      • If cheats are enabled, the timer is disabled.
    • Teammates who would have taken damage or any effects resulting from damage during the protection timer instead have both the damage and effects entirely negated as long as they haven't taken any offensive actions.
    • Dealing damage at the start of the round (first 10 seconds, independent of protection timer) will double the TK points that are received by the attacker.
  • Change: TK assists (helping harm an ally within 5 seconds of their death) now grant 100 TK points for the following damage types:
    • Melee knockdown moves
    • Melee grabs
    • Grip
    • Poison
    • Causing fall damage through a drop or by landing on their head.
  • Change: Mechanics that prevent damage or other effects to teammates will now properly apply TK points to the attacker as well.
  • Change: TK points received now take into account whether you've dealt more damage to enemies than teammates throughout a round. Dealing significantly more damage to enemies than allies reduces TK points received and vice versa.
  • Change: TK points received now take into account how much of a player's health total you've reduced. Percentage of target's health is the multiplier towards the TK points (e.g. taking 20% of their health is 1.20x).
  • Change: Fire grenade fire fields stop giving TK points after 2 seconds of being out.
  • Change: Damage from regular burning will only give TK points for the first 2 seconds.
  • Change: Lethal damage from fire fields or burning won't count as a team kill if the damage source is no longer giving TK points. If the victim is being gripped on death, the death will be attributed to the gripping player, otherwise it will be counted as a suicide.
  • Change / Fix: Gripping a player into a fire field will give the grip user TK points instead of the fire field owner. Ignores 2 second fire field TK point timeout.

  • New: Doors with manual triggers may now be teleported through by spectators, if the map supports it.
    • Mappers must add the key doorTrigger set to 1 on a trigger_multiple that's directly targeting the door.
  • New / Change / Fix: Added NPC property forceBlock which corresponds to MB_ATT_FORCEBLOCK levels.
    • In the past force block was set using FP_SABERTHROW. Since that was changed for players, NPCs have not had access to it.
    • Reduced NPC buff for force block from 1/4 to 1/2 FP required.
    • If the property is set, forceImmunity is always 0.
  • Change: Players may no longer change saber color while alive mid-round. Now works the same as other cosmetic choices. Prevents performance issues with players using 'rainbow color' scripts to rapidly cycle saber hue.
  • Change; Sabers will bounce when hitting func_breakable entities that have both invincible and saberonly flags set. Allows mappers to setup areas safe from sabering through floors or walls, or training dummies without resorting to NPCs.
  • Change: NPC property forceImmunity extended and made more intuitive:
    • 0: No immunity
    • 1 (default): Immune to displacement powers (push/pull/grip)
    • 2: Immune to everything
  • Change: Taunts may be started while moving and camera pitch is free to adjust during the animation.
  • Change: Blocked all movement while entering meditation, but view pitch is now free to adjust.
  • Change: Projectile Rifle now shows "READY" text at bottom of the scope when allowed to fire. This helps indicate the half second fire delay after initially scoping or if you forgot to reload the weapon.
  • Change / Fix: Droideka Spawn Improvements
    • Dekas now only require one spawn point like regular classes, so maps no longer need to double spawn points for Imperials.
      • Spawns should have at least 32 units separation from one another and 16 units from anything solid.
    • Fixed cases of partial / interrupted deka spawning (including FA with custom vehicles). Vehicle will now telefrag without mercy if blocked.
    • Deka pilot can no longer escape containment if the vehicle is destroyed before boarding. Their fate is shared.
    • Fixed visual bug where pilot is briefly shown to player during deka spawn.
  • Fix: NPCs can regenerate FP again and the NPC property forcePowerMax will actually be used for setting custom force pools.
  • Fix: Added progressive cooldown for weapon mode toggle sound to mitigate spamming.
  • Fix: Map triggers using the FACING spawnflag may now use 0 for their angle (previously had to use 360 as a workaround).
  • Fix: Spectators now have a 1 second cooldown for teleporting through doors. Prevents getting stuck teleporting back and forth in constrained areas.
  • Fix: Corrected firing animation for Clone Rifle 3 with non-clone users who lack blobs, such as when a pulled rifle is picked up.
  • Fix: Map custom liquid tint feature works again (broken since v1.1).
  • Fix: Usable triggers with a team set will work properly with vehicles that have a matching teamowner.
  • Fix: Siege items held by players hidden inside vehicles will properly follow the pilot location, rather than hovering where the pilot initially boarded the vehicle.
  • Fix: No longer allowed to do taunts while using an emplaced gun.
  • Fix: The assisting player's name in kill print messages is now properly censored or aliased based on chat filter settings.

  • Feature: Calendar Events
    • In the past the MBII Team has hosted special events on official servers with various gameplay changes / mutations. This was kept private and only run for limited times to avoid fragmenting the player base or otherwise influencing the expected experience. At the same time however there has always been some demand for hosting events, especially on community servers. As a compromise we have developed the calendar event system.
    • To be active an event requires a server to enable the corresponding event setting and for the date to be correct, or the server be private / password protected.
    • If an event is active then it will have an icon associated with it on the in-game server list. An example:
  • New: Spin Event
    • Available every Sunday. Spin allows players to type !spin in chat or as a console command to take a chance on the MB2 wheel, receiving random rewards or punishments.
    • Servers may enable the event by setting g_Spin to 1.
    • Cooldown for spinning is controlled using g_SpinCooldown (default 20, cannot be less than 10).
  • New: Added SMOD MARKTK and UNMARKTK commands. Using the command on a player puts them in 'TK probation' which doubles TK points from damage like at round start (does not stack with that).
  • Change: Servers are now required to set an sv_fps that evenly divides 1000 (for a whole number frame time) or the server will shutdown.
    • Note: 90% of servers are already compliant with this. The remainder will need to update their server config.
  • Change: SMOD SETTK may now only be used to lower TK points on public servers.
  • Change: Added TK points column to SMOD STATUS output.
  • Change: g_inactivityKick no longer kicks inactive players logged in with SMOD.
  • Change: Increased the maximum number of possible temp banned clients.
  • Change: Reduced amount of networked updates when players connect, join, or the round changes. Should slightly improve server and client performance. Also prevents spamming of too-similar name warnings.
  • Change / Fix: Increased maximum number of saved disconnected clients.
  • Change / Fix: Team Swap
    • If g_teamSwap is modified the change now applies at next round start instead of when players spawn. Prevents scoreboard confusion during the pre-round countdown and other issues.
    • Logo and team score on the scoreboard now also swap sides along with the players if team swap is active.
    • Renamed g_CTFSpawnRotation to g_SpawnRotation and enabled use on non-CTF maps. Progressive siege maps are still excluded as the feature does not account for map progression.
    • To reduce confusion, added a server announcement at round start if teams were auto swapped by g_spawnRotation.
  • Change / Fix: Forceteam and Shuffle integration:
    • Forcing a player to another team now works the same way as shuffle - the player will be prevented from joining the opposite team for the number of seconds set in g_ShuffleTimer.
    • Forcing a player to the team they are already on will prevent them joining the other team for the shuffle time.
    • Players will now be informed once the team lock time has expired.
    • Forcing a player to a different team will automatically open up the class configuration menu for the class they were forced to (or the FA character select if playing FA/Legends) and show a popup explaining what happened.
    • Forceteam / shuffle now respect class limits and will select a different class if the one that would normally be selected is limited, and works properly if team swap is active.
    • A pending team shuffle may be cancelled if the command is used again before round end.
  • Change / Fix: Server Logging
    • SMOD SAY and SMSAY now includes the actual command used, admin name, and admin ID and is formatted similarly to other SMOD commands.
    • SMOD VSTR commands will be logged.
    • Player ID and IP are logged when objectives are completed, inluding for the other team.
    • Kill log messages indicate if it was a teamkill, and if the victim is an NPC, the NPC type will be used instead of player name.
    • Mute, MarkTK, and SetTK commands will now broadcast the action in chat like SMOD when used via console / RCON.
  • Change / Fix: A zero in an IP's octet is no longer considered a wildcard for IP bans. Instead an asterisk will be used for this purpose.
    • Note: Existing bans will be migrated to the new format the next time a server modifies their IP bans (0 octets will be converted to *).
  • Fix: SMOD mutes that have expired will no longer re-mute the player on map change, and currently muted players will not have the time extended.
  • Fix: Muted players cannot unmute themselves simply by reconnecting.
  • Fix: Several crash and other stability fixes.

Team Balance / Class Limits
  • New: Team balance and class limits have been redesigned. Should now work consistently and cause far less player disruption.
  • New: When a player successfully joins they will receive a message indicating the joined team and class (or MBCH name in FA/Legends).
  • Change: Limits are now calculated and displayed based on player's desired team or class rather than what they are currently joined as.
  • Change: Limits are now enforced preemptively when players attempt to join rather than at round start. Should mitigate most cases of players being forced to sit out a round due to not knowing they exceeded a limit.
  • Change: Players will be booted to the first menu in the join flow and warned with a UI popup if the team or class they have selected (but not joined as yet) becomes locked. This will also happen if a join is rejected due to bad timing or bypassing UI restrictions.
  • Change: Players are no longer locked out from making changes to their class if it becomes locked while they are already joined as it. They are also allowed to change class to another on the same team even if the team is locked.
  • Change: Team Balance
    • g_balance setting now defaults to 0 and must be set to at least 1 to enable team balance join restrictions.
    • Now works with all modes and will only ever lock one team at a time (relative to a player). Server owners are strongly encouraged to set g_balance to 1 or 2 on Open/Legends mode servers to improve team balancing.
    • The overall balance shift is now taken into account so swapping teams isn't allowed to cause imbalancing beyond the threshold set in g_balance.
    • On clicking a team button, spectators will temporarily reserve a team slot. This will increment the displayed team count and is used for balancing, preventing teams flapping between locked/unlocked as new players commit to joining.
  • Change / Fix: Displayed team, class counts, and lock state now update immediately while viewing the menus. Previously, team counts did not update during a round unless the scoreboard was opened and button locks did not update until changing menus (which was often too late).
  • Fix: Locked team or class buttons can no longer be 'clicked through' and are properly disabled.
  • Fix: Limits are now consistently enforced server side. Previously there were 'holes' where a player could still manage to join a locked team or class in some common situations.
  • UI Mods Notice:
    • The join menus were significantly changed for this update, so any third party mods that modified the same menus may prevent joining. Revert to using a default MBII UI layout or remove such mods until they are updated if you encounter such issues.

  • Feature: Added Steam integration (basic overlay support).
    • Overlay may be delayed in appearing if the main menu is skipped at startup, such as connecting to a server via the Launcher's server list.
    • Feature is Windows only. Must add +set com_steamIntegration 1 to startup args to enable. The MBII Launcher adds this automatically if the Steam Overlay option is enabled in its settings.
  • New: Easy Reconnect. A prompt will be shown with the option to reconnect by pressing the Enter key if:
    • In-game connection is interrupted for more than 5 seconds.
    • Connection is interrupted during the map load process.
    • Attempting to connect to a server takes too long. In addition, the client will automatically reconnect after a challenge rejection (commonly seen when waiting to join a full server).
  • New: Added several OpenJK specific video settings to the menu: com_maxfpsMinimized, com_maxfpsUnfocused, r_ignorehwgamma, r_gammaShaders, and cl_allowAltEnter. Also added adaptive vsync option (requires use of MBII OpenJK to work properly).
  • New: Added Experimental section to video settings. Currently only contains option for toggling texture compression (high end GPUs only).
  • New: Added Vulkan section to video settings. Only visible if Vulkan renderer is in use (requires MBII OpenJK engine).
  • New: Added some missing MBII specific settings to the menu: fx_vfps under visual options and cg_freeSpecAndFollow under camera options.
  • New: MBII will attempt to automatically set resolution to match display on first run if started by the Launcher. Will automatically trigger a vid_restart before the main menu is loaded to apply the change.
  • New: Nested Model Icons
    • The model icon list for Open and Duel mode now supports being sub-divided into groups. This allows for better organization by nesting similar models or skins under one model in the main list.
    • Models icons in the main list will show small + in the lower right if they are the parent for a group of nested models.
    • Nested or sub model icons will appear in a list on the right on the model view / customization tab. While model selection here is less accessible if the 'template first' UI layout is used, the extra clicking should be mitigated by the new cosmetic and favorite template features.
  • New / Change / Fix: Point Templates
    • Can mark templates as a 'favorite' build. These templates will show up at the start of the join menu flow, saving a few clicks.
    • Can optionally save templates with cosmetic settings:
      • Model and RGB settings are saved for all classes. If Jedi or Sith, saber hilt selection and color are also saved.
      • Cosmetic templates are indicated in the template list using the associated model icon.
    • Fixed bug which could cause templates to fail loading after only 18 files for certain classes.
    • Templates are alphabetically sorted again.
    • Saving a new template or applying the default template will automatically select it in the list.
    • No longer allowed to delete the default template. It is used for automatically applying points on class select or forceteam.
    • Saving a template with the name 'custom' will now automatically apply a number suffix.
    • Several performance improvements and adjusted menu to improve space usage.
    • Demonstration videos:
  • Change: Using the class configuration menu bind (Controls > Movie Battles) will now always do something, including in FA/Legends mode. If no team is selected, it will open the initial menu (same as Esc > Play). If a team is selected it will reopen that and display the available classes.
  • Change / Fix: Altered design of team select and class configuration menus to indicate selected team and class via button highlighting, no matter how the menus are opened. Previously this only partially worked.
  • Change / Fix: Common join bugs related to joining too quickly after changing class configuration should be fixed. For cases where it would still fail, the join will be prevented and a warning will popup displaying how many seconds to wait before trying again.
  • Change / Fix: Fixed cg_forceModel setting and slightly improved it (Gameplay > Force Player Models). Enabling will display other players as using the class default model/skin in non-FA modes. Intended for saving memory on old computers or making things more consistent in competitive matches.
  • Change: Increased size of RGB color buttons in the model view / customization tab.
  • Change: Added instructions for increasing snaps or rate to error message if server rejects client for either of those being too low.
  • Change: If a client fails to load a map due to it being missing, a hint will be displayed mentioning (currently linked to Modification & Media forum section).
  • Change: Class point menus now have a highlight for each ability to match other menus.
  • Change: Class point menu info screens have been moved to individual point bubbles to clean them up with level specific information rather than for all levels at once.
  • Change: Weapon/Ability info screens have been updated with more values from code, largely for things like FP drains. Some weapons have been added and the formatting of others have been updated.
  • Change: Added class speed to general class stats.
  • Change: Drastically reduced cvar usage for display of various UI elements like team and class counts. Frees up resources for future additions.
  • Fix: Process DPI awareness is now set for JAMP engine at startup to prevent issues with display scaling above 100%, though the splash screen will still be shown at the wrong size.
  • Fix: The current map's load screen won't be shown briefly when changing maps.
  • Fix: Corrected size and position of scoreboard self-highlight while spectating.
  • Fix: Backgrounds on some main menu sub menus now match.
  • Fix: Mouse wheel scrolling should work properly again on all join menu lists, such as model icons.
  • Fix: Fixed saber blades sometimes sticking through the bottom of hilts in the UI preview.
  • Fix: Fixed class select buttons in Hybrid UI layout so they are not stacked on top of one another.

Full Authentic
Official FAs
  • Change: mb2_dxun
    • Merc team significantly overhauled with a New roster:​
      • Duros leader, Twilek, Human Merc Captain, Devaronian Mercenary, Aqualish Mercenary, Rodian Mercenary, Gran Mercenary, Trandoshan Mercenary, Weequay Mercenary, War Droid, Human Merc Veteran Brawler, Human Merc, Duros Mercenary,​
    • Exile team class stats adjusted for balance and variety. Roster is mostly unchanged from prior version:​
      • Exile, Kreia, Visas, Atton, Mandalore, Kelborn, Bralor, Baodur, hk-47, HanHarr, g0t0, Clan Ordo Soldier​
  • Change: mb2_enclave​
    • Changed Sith character models for better variety.​
    • Bandon and the Jedi masters changed to have more power/playstyle variety between them.​
    • The non-padawan, generic Jedi/Sith classes (Consular, Marauder, etc.) have been given 2 lives and had their stats adjusted relative to the 1 life force user classes.​
    • Split Jedi sentinel into 'Sentinel' and 'Watchman' with the watchman being more stealth based and the sentinel countering sorcerers/force powers.​
    • Merged Jedi Knight and Jedi Padawan into Jedi Apprentice, with 4 lives but very bad stats (but some visual customization options).​
    • Non force user classes (sith troopers / republic troopers) given stats/goodies to play on par with the other adjusted classes.​
    • Added some variation to Sith team skins to reduce repetition.
  • Change: mb2_jeditemple​
    • Clone trooper changed to a 5 life class with EE-3 level 1 reskinned (to slow ROF and limit long range accuracy). Also looks more cinematic.​
    • Added Temple Guard class.​
    • Form II-VII Jedi classes changed to 2 life 80 hp classes, abilities changed to make them more distinct, and lightsabers have been changed to either blue or green except for jedi temple guard.​
    • Padawans have 4 lives and some customization options [like enclave apprentice].​
    • Other classes are the same thematically with some tweaks to stats and weapons.​
Movie Game Map Pack FAs
  • Fix: 300_thermopylae
    • Fixed missing Persian skins.
Community Map Pack FAs
  • Change: mb2_cmp_prison
    • Added Yoda: Force pool is reduced but fast regenerating, has saber defense level 1, and very strong force powers, but a lower health pool than other force sensitive characters.
    • Replaced 'clone sergeant' with jet trooper and 'clone commander' with 'clone commando'
    • Gave most clone trooper units grapple hooks when applicable and across the board buffs to all Republic units since the map heavily disadvantages them.
  • Change / Fix: mb2_cmp_telos
    • General across the board buffs to TSF classes and nerfs to some Sith classes that were over tuned.
    • New models for the Sith Acolyte / Sith Sniper class and new icons for mandalorian classes.
    • Quarterstaff should no longer deflect blaster bolts.
    • Fixed a LOD issue on Ithorian where its head was disappearing on stage 2-3 LODs.
  • Change: mb2_cmp_narshaddaa
    • FA entirely reworked, including some character icons.
  • Change: mb2_cmp_reactor
    • Balance tweaks aimed to close the power gap between the stronger and weaker classes.
    • Added new republic commando to give NR team a high ROF class.
  • Change / Fix: mb2_cmp_hotfo
    • Numerous class tweaks aimed at incorporating the newer FA features.
    • Removed alt fire on classes that shouldn't/can't use it.
  • Change: mb2_cmp_Massassi
    • Some tweaks to player models and incorporate some newer FA features.
  • Change: mb2_cmp_ctf_ascension
    • Revamped and rebalanced with latest FA features from the last few years.
Power Battles FA
  • New: Added new character Swollo Baruk.
  • Fix: PB2_CTF_Rift updated with latest map file.
Super Open Mode FA
  • Remove: Floating Saber character was removed.
  • New: Added vehicle property PlayerAsVehicleEject. If set to 1, allows a pilot to eject from the vehicle even if they spawned into it (deka type vehicles will always ignore this setting).
  • New / Change: Holding block with a lightsaber will only protect from force powers if the class is Jedi/Sith, has force block, or is holding a saber with the new property forceBlocking set to 1.
  • New: Several weapon models added for KotOR era characters.
  • Change: Cloaking device item:
    • Now always uses shader instead of "refraction" effect which could be disabled by clients. Provides greater visual consistency for balancing.
    • Transparency level of shader made dynamic based on movement speed and distance (running while close = more visible, though still less than before).
  • Change: MB_ATT_ANTI_MT may now be used with non-droid classes. User must not have force sense or tracking darts.
  • Change: WP_CRYP_NADE now has a unique cryoban model set by default in code, so visual overrides are no longer necessary.
  • Change / Fix: Force Absorb
    • Now also absorbs force blind and force destruction.
    • Fixed absorbed FP not capping at the correct amount for characters with a customized force pool.
  • Fix: Characters that spawn into a rideable vehicle (swoops, animals) will no longer cause an infinite reload sound when reloading weapons, and cannot be ejected from by jumping/crouching unless PlayerAsVehicleEject is set.
  • Fix: Vehicle looping sounds will be used properly with custom player vehicles.
  • Fix: Fixed issue with boarding certain animal vehicles that have poorly configured model animations (for instance, Banthas).
  • Fix: Droidekas can now use Power Management in Full Authentic mode.
  • Fix: E-Web item hitbox should no longer break on deployment at diagonal angles, so user is not completely exposed to enemy fire.
  • Fix: Prevented crosshair colliding with own deployed E-Web.
  • Fix: Corrected flamethrower animation for non-humanoid SBDs.
  • Fix: MB_ATT_CCTRAINING works again for easily granting soldiers advanced melee. Will be overridden by meleeMoves if that is configured.
  • Remove: MB_ATT_SOLDIER_TDS has been deprecated in favor of the newer MB_ATT_FRAGS.
  • Remove: MB_ATT_LOGIC has been deprecated in favor of the newer MB_ATT_ANTI_MT.

Player Models
New Models or Skins

New or Upgraded Skins & Variants
  • New: Added over 50 minor skin / model variants thanks to the nested model / sub-divison feature:
Added to Jedi:
  • Adi Gallia robed
  • Eeth Koth robed
  • Agen Kolar default and robed
  • Coleman Trebor robed
  • Kit Fisto robed
  • Saesee Tiin robed
  • Anakin Skywalker Ep2 robed
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi Ep2 hooded
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi Ep3 robed
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi Ep4 robed
  • Luke Skywalker Ep6 robed
  • Luke Skywalker Ep6 tunic
  • Luke Skywalker TM default
Added to Sith:
  • Palpatine Ep1 hooded
  • Palpatine Ep3 hooded "office"
  • Darth Malgus maskless
  • Kylo Ren TFA hoodless and masked
  • Kylo Ren TLJ capeless and scarless
  • Sariss capeless
  • Alora Hoth
  • Tavion possessed (by Ragnos)
  • Darth Malgus maskless
  • Darth Plagueis masked
  • Sith Assassin maskless #1, #2
  • Sith Assassin female (maskless)
Added to Hero:
  • Padme Amidala Ep2 caped
  • Leia Organa Ep6 poncho
Added to Elite Trooper:
  • Human Male Hoth Trooper #2
  • Human Female Hoth Trooper #2, #3
  • Twilek Female Hoth Trooper #2
  • Zabrak Female Hoth Trooper #1, #2
  • Rebel Commando Duros #2, #3
  • Rebel Commando Quarren #2
  • Rebel Commando Gotal #2
  • Rebel Commando Sullustan #2
Added to Rebel Soldier:
  • Tyria Sarkin (default female pilot)
  • Prisoner #2
  • Prisoner Elder
Added to Villain Soldier:
  • B1 Assault
  • B1 Geonosis Commander
  • B1 Geonosis Pilot
  • B1 Geonosis Security
  • B1 Geonosis Sniper
  • B1 Jungle Commander
  • B1 Rocket Commander
  • B1 Tan Heavy
  • B1 Tan Rocket
  • B1 Tan Rocket Commander
Added to Villain Commander:
  • Imperial Officer Commander "white"
  • Imperial Officer Navy "olive"
  • Imperial Officer Female "olive"
  • Imperial Officer Female "tan"
  • Imperial Officer Female "white"
  • Nova (Stormie) Trooper
Added Tusken Raider skins to Bounty Hunter:
  • Chief
  • Quarak
  • New: Added Dagobah Luke with Yoda in backpack to Jedi.
  • New: Added Pilot Luke to Jedi.
  • New: Added Bultar Swan to Jedi.
  • New: Added shirtless Kylo Ren to Sith.
  • New: Added battle damaged Darth Vader (Kenobi series) to Sith.
  • New: Added base JKA Cultist to Sith. Comes with an earlier unused soundset.
  • New: Added concept art based Reborn to Sith.
  • New: Added Abednedo species Resistance Pilot based on the sequels to Rebel Soldier.
  • New: Added Rebel Officer (EA Battlefront themed) to Elite Trooper.
  • New: Added Captain Cardinal to Commanders.
  • New: Added Calo Nord to Bounty Hunters.
  • New: Added Cad Bane to Bounty Hunters.
  • New: Added Migs Mayfeld to Bounty Hunters.
  • New: Added Nikto Thug inspired by TM/BoBF to Bounty Hunters.
  • New: Added Pyke Spicers to Bounty Hunters.
  • New: Added Noodle's Bounty Hunter to Bounty Hunters.
  • New: Added Captain Keeli to ARC Trooper.
  • New: Added Deathwatch to Mandalorians.
  • New: Added Maul's Shadow Collective to Mandalorians.
  • New: Added Pre Vizsla to Mandalorians.
  • New: Added Paz Vizsla to Mandalorians.
  • New: Added white skin to Droideka.
  • New / Change: Added Rogue One trooper to Rebel Soldier. Based on one of Cassian's outfits previously unavailable in open mode. Replaces its "Tantive IV themed" reskin counterpart.
  • New / Change: Imperial Commando has been upgraded and divided into two slightly different variants seen in the movies.
  • New / Change: KotOR themed weapon overrides have been added to Open models from that era.
  • New / Change: Aurra Sing and Tusken raiders now have Proj weapon replacements in Open.
  • Change: Added RGB support to one of the Talz skins.
  • Change: Ponytail girl swapped to pilot outfit.
  • Change: Upgraded body mesh to male TIE Pilot.
  • Change: Added RGB support to female TIE Pilot.
  • Change: Recolored AT-DP Pilot to be canonically correct based on Noobguided Pack.
  • Change: Merged TFA stormie soundsets into one.
  • Change: Re-imagined some Rebel Soldiers and Commanders to match the design of those seen in Rogue One and Battlefront.
  • Change: Reskinned Female Zabrak's outfit and removed her skirt. Added Rebel Alliance logo on the shoulders.
  • Change: Added bandolier and Chiss Ascendancy logo to the female chiss Imperial Officer. Upgraded soundset.
  • Change: Recolored Abyssin's skin tone to greenish instead of brownish to be canonically correct.
  • Change: Re-organized some iconic Anakin Ep2 taunts so the spammable *victory* line and the missing *death* lines are back.
  • Change: Reshaped Luke Skywalker's face on all model variants minus TFA to more accurately resemble Mark Hamill's facial structure (no more long face) and updated icons to match.
  • Change: Changed female Jaden Korr's clothing from armored leggings to big boots and naked thighs.
  • Change: Remastered Darth Vader's helmet mesh, shoulder pads, and added more accurate lighting / shading.
  • Change: Tweaked Female Cultist's RGB pattern from default to CTF themed instead.
  • Change: Sith Exile #2 swapped to Sith Assassin outfit.
  • Fix: Improved Ceremonial Luke with better lighting, LODs, added specular, fixed hand textures, and fixed left leg dismemberment.
  • Fix: Vertex normal adjustments on Alien Mercs / Rebel Commando / Rebel Grenadier / Gwethenea / Sith Assassin / Exile for more realistic lighting in-game.
  • Fix: Rigging fix on ep2 Anakin's neck so it doesn't clip into the torso.
  • Fix: Rigging fix on Durge's head as it was set to the wrong bone making it look visually weird while running.
  • Fix: Rigging fix on Noghri's face/eyes to look more natural since it was tremendously odd looking in base JKA.
  • Fix: Minor rigging corrections on ESB Leia's limbs.
  • Fix: Minor rigging tweaks on Adi Gallia's neck.
  • Fix: Decap fix on Cultist's head as only its face was decapitating instead of the entire head.
  • Fix: Fixed missing pieces on pale faced reborn, converted from JO to JA skeleton, added facial animation, and reworked face texture.
  • Fix: Corrected pistol holster positions for clones Cody and Vaughn.
  • Fix: Switched off holster for weapons held in the back for Bespin Lando, General Lando, Senate Guard and Kubaz for better visuals.
  • Remove: Moved generic Duros Bounty Hunter to FA-only.
  • Remove: Removed Jaden-type Rebel Soldiers due to their faces being transferred to Elite Trooper.
Lightsaber Hilts
  • New: Ady Sun'Zee (HR)
  • New: Dan G'Vash (Visions)
  • New: Darth Bane (Straight version, added Curved subtitle to other version.)
  • New: Fourth Sister (OWK)
  • New: Grand Inquisitor (OWK)
  • New: Jedi Temple Guard (Rebels)
  • New: Nari (OWK)
  • New: Ninth Sister (JFO)
  • New: Starcruiser (GE)
  • New: Tajin Crosser (Visions)
  • New: Third Sister (OWK)
  • Change: Updated Anakin Skywalker EP3 / Luke EP4 & EP5 / Rey EP7-EP9 with better film accuracy.
  • Change: Updated A'Sharad Hett V2 (used Plasma's version instead).
  • Change: Updated Second Sister (used Plasma's version instead).
  • Change: Replaced unstable saber blade shader with improved version (used by Kylo Ren's hilt and a few others).
Custom Models
  • New: Easier Custom Model Setup
    • The custom model system is no longer based on a naming convention but instead uses text files to list the paths of added models. Significantly increases ease of use and saves space if the model is already included in MBII. Click here for more details and a tutorial.
    • Models added using the new system will show up under the 'Extra' tab, right of 'Custom', under the model icon list.
  • Change: The model command is now permitted in limited circumstances. It may always be used to view the currently set model if no argument is given. With an argument, it may be used on non-dedicated servers with cheats enabled (that is, a client loading a map with the devmap command). Allows arbitrary models to be set and applied immediately in non-FA modes for development purposes.
  • Fix: The default class model used as a fallback for missing custom models will now load class config data properly (sounds, holsters, etc). No more 'take that' taunts if you don't have every model pack installed.
  • Deprecation Notices:
    • The old custom model system still functions for now but will be removed in a future release. Model pack creators should update their packs to use the new system as soon as possible (will require renaming the models to remove the class prefix).
    • Creators should ensure that their models never use progressive format JPEGs for textures as they will crash JAMP engine users. MBII's OpenJK will remove support for loading them in a future update to match compatibility. A script for discovering progressive JPEGs is included in the MBII Modding Tools Pack (available at the bottom of the downloads page).

  • Change: Removed map mode restrictions on all maps except where required for gameplay or the map is a duplicate for an alt FA.
    • fifa, mb2_sailbarge, mb2_veh_destroyer, pb_dotf, pb_sdestroyer, pb2_citadel, pb2_cloudcity, pb2_ctf_bespin, pb2_ctf_imperial, pb2_ctf_rift, pb2_ctf_theed, pb2_depot, pb2_dotf, pb2_kashyyyk, pb2_ptf_jeditemple, pb2_ptf_sdestroyer, pb2_reactor, pb2_sdestroyer, som_dotf, SOM_ptf_sdestroyer, SOM_sdestroyer, som_snowfacility, SOM_theed, tmnt, uM_birdmino, um_bouncy, uM_Canyon_guns, um_crazyrace, uM_crazyrace2, um_ctf_gib_bespin, um_ctf_gib_coruscant, um_ctf_gib_imperial, um_ctf_gib_narshaddaa, um_football, um_jawarace, um_nightmare, um_prisonraid_v4, um_rockettennis, um_spacerace, um_swooprace, uM_Taspir_rockets, um_xwing
    • dc_universe, legosw, SSB_PkmnStadium, ultimate_showdown, um_bouncybash
    • Note: Any servers that previously added .siege overrides to bypass restrictions should remove them to avoid conflicts with future updates.
Official Maps
  • Change / Fix: mb2_cloudcity
    • Added 3D objective hint icons.
    • Fixed hole in Slave 1 that allowed people to hide inside.
    • Reduced number of spawn points on both teams to save on entities.
  • Change: mb2_corellia
    • Added temporary clip guardrails in attacker spawn to prevent accidentally running off of the edge at round start.
    • Reduced spawn point count to save on entities.
  • Change / Fix: mb2_ctf_deathstar & mb2_ptf_deathstar
    • Added spawn area electric fields and pushes.
    • Reduced spawn point count to save on entities.
    • Added missing ribs to blue team curved pipe corridor.
  • Change / Fix: mb2_deathstar
    • Increased wait on Falcon and TIE hangar lift triggers so there is always a cooldown after returning.
    • Set spectator camera teleport on a few manual door triggers.
    • The garbage chute is now a one-way trip. This unfortunately also prevents Sith and Mandalorians from using it as a niche flanking route, but reducing the time wasting appeal was deemed more important.
    • Garbage chute should no longer cause fall damage.
    • Fixed corner VIS issue on the attacker's side of the side route.
    • Reduced number of spawn points on both teams to save on entities.
    • Reintroduced breakable lights in a limited fashion, concentrated around the main conflict areas. Optimizations made last year should prevent them causing the issue that led to their removal.
    • Some minor visual fixes, optimization, and clipping improvements around the Falcon.
  • Change / Fix: mb2_jeditemple
    • Defenders can no longer move Younglings using Force Pull (see NPC teamowner change noted under Gameplay).
    • Younglings now have varying force block levels and FP pools, and more of them have Force Pull.
  • Change / Fix: mb2_smuggler
    • Slightly reduced depth of datapad room to make camping more difficult.
    • Removed camping area on top of a light fixture between defender spawn and datapad room.
    • Added saber protection around the smuggler ship's floor and cockpit.
    • Fixed droidekas being unable to interact with window shutter controls.
    • Adjusted spawn counts and positions to prevent issues.
    • Some minor visual tweaks and fixes.
  • Fix: mb2_duel_cargoheist
    • Fixed rear roof cargo container collision.
  • Fix: Corrected a broken light model shader from base used by mb2_commtower, mb2_mustafar, and possibly other maps.
  • Fix: Improved quality of skybox on mb2_dxun, mb2_kamino, mb2_duel_kamino, and mb2_tatooine by disabling texture compression.
CMP Maps
  • New: mb2_cmp_onderon
    • Created by Bob Billy and Frenzy with FA by iPod. Inspired and loosely based on the iconic Skyramp battle in KotOR 2.
  • Change: mb2_cmp_prison
    • Added 3D objective hint icons.
    • Nerfed AAT vehicle and updated weapon effects.
  • Change: mb2_cmp_narshaddaa
    • Tien Tubb NPC added.
    • GE3 protocol droid added.
    • Cover rearranged near final objective as well as a ladder to get on top of the Ebon Hawk.
    • Cover re-arranged slightly in middle area.
    • Second ladder added to high ground in main area.
    • Improved performance.
  • Change / Fix: mb2_cmp_telos
    • Bar stools added to Cantina.
    • Ladder added to Emporium.
    • Elevator to catwalk fixed.
    • Defending team now respawns back in alley near final hack.
    • GE3 protocol droid added.
  • Change / Fix: mb2_cmp_arena
    • Fixed missing Reek vehicle.
    • Added soundsets and adjusted intelligence of Acklay and Nexu.
  • Fix: mb2_cmp_doomgiver
    • Plugged gap in floor that could be used to get underneath the map in the main rotunda area.
uMad? Maps
  • New / Change: uM_dojo_v2
    • Map entirely reworked, keeping only a few of the favorite areas from the last version.
      • Completely reworked lighting for more contrast and depth
      • Updated outside and added new ways to traverse the map
      • Added Undertow water area
      • Added "Edge of the Void" dueling area
      • Added more paths between different areas
      • Added disabled access to upper floors
      • Added "Sky garden"
      • Added "Twister"
      • Added more waterfalls and detailing
      • Added "Windmill Hut"
      • Added "Aqueducts"
  • Change: um_bespin
    • Improved performance.
    • Miscellaneous adjustments.
  • Change: um_bespin_night
    • Improved performance.
    • Miscellaneous adjustments.
    • New skybox.
  • Change: um_bespin_tournament
    • Improved performance.
    • Miscellaneous adjustments.
  • Change: um_ctf_rift
    • Reduced size of the map by 10%.
    • Partial redesign and cover additions to the middle of the map.
    • Added spawn electric fields and pushes.
    • Performance improved.
  • Change: um_olympus
    • Improved performance.
  • Change: um_prisonraid_v4
    • Added 3D objective hint icons.
  • Fix: um_ctf_oceantemple
    • Fix FA Spawn names. Characters should spawn in correct positions.

MBII OpenJK Client
  • Feature: Vulkan renderer
    • Merged from version ported to EJK from Quake3E by Sunny. Offers moderate to significant performance gain depending on hardware along with better dynamic light quality. Also has a few extra features like native anti-aliasing, bloom, and render size scaling.
    • Requires a GPU with driver support for Vulkan API (most hardware less than a decade old should work).
    • To use, select it as the preferred renderer in the MBII Launcher's settings. May require Launcher restart after update for option to appear and MBII OpenJK must be set as the engine.
      • Can also be set manually by entering cl_renderer "rd-vulkan-mbii" in the console followed by restarting the game. Reverting to default can be done by entering cl_renderer "rd-vanilla-mbii".
    • Known issues that may be addressed eventually:
      • Models with env map shaders do not scale them across the entire model, so surfaces may end up highlighted at the seams.
      • With r_vbo enabled (default) surface sprites such as rain splashes do not work on static map surfaces.
      • Alpha support for Dynamic Glow. Requires post processing effects to be enabled and intensity is controlled by Bloom setting. Glow also doesn't properly adjust color for shaders with dynamic colors, such as some anim maps.
  • Change: A console warning is now shown if a progressive JPEG is loaded. Future builds will remove support entirely to better align with JAMP engine's capabilities.
  • Change: Reduced size of demo recording text option and moved to bottom left of screen.
  • Change / Fix: Clicking inside the game window or other input while loading should no longer interfere or cause the game to permanently freeze.
  • Change / Fix: Set the Large Address Aware flag which should reduce instances of "VM_CreateLegacy on cgame failed" occurring.
    • This is a memory issue that also impacts the original JAMP engine (there it shuts down with "VM_Create on UI failed").
  • Fix: Improved client stability when console is open at very high resolutions such as 4K and ensured typed input is always visible.

  • Fix: It is no longer possible to hit "Install" multiple times.
  • Fix: The "Installing" status is now displayed during initial setup
  • Fix: The application process will now be killed after a crash
  • Remove: Old launcher is no longer recognised by the game.

Changed Files ( Manual / Server Downloads )
MBII Maps-Models Credits.txt

Changelog Legend
New - New feature or addition to the game.
Change - Changes to the game.
Fix - Bug fix.
Remove - Removed feature.
Feature - New feature name.
Last edited by a moderator:
Change: TK points received now take into account whether you've dealt more damage to enemies than teammates throughout a round. Dealing significantly more damage to enemies than allies reduces TK points received and vice versa.
This feature doesn't work (at least not well). You should be able to punish 200 TK points if you haven't done any damage to teammates and even more if that person has teamkilled on purpose before, it's frustrating to deal with toxic players and only give 100 tk points even if they've done nothing but teamkill, timewaste, or grief multiple rounds. Also, it's not fair you can teamkill new round players and get reduced TK points because they haven't damaged an enemy.


Movie Battles II Team Retired
  • Change: Taunts may be started while moving and camera pitch is free to adjust during the animation.
Can't believe you would dare reduce the skill-ceiling so drastically by removing the need to master the intricate mechanics required to taunt and run at the same time! Stutter-step taunt was the most high-finesse mechanic in the game! The game will never be the same again. I sure hope you guys know what you're doing!

New: Added shirtless Kylo Ren to Sith.

New: Added Dagobah Luke with Yoda in backpack to Jedi.

New: Added Abednedo species Resistance Pilot based on the sequels to Rebel Soldier.

Okay... You guys know what you're doing.

Holy fuck, guys. Good update. Tremendous work by all! I'll be sure to come check it all out.
Special input modes like the console, menus, and chat were intentionally excluded to avoid accidentally triggering a reconnect while doing something else. It appears that the command for chat activation also suppresses detection of the Enter key (probably runs before the check is done), so I will add a workaround for that in the next update.

From my own perspective the current system is a little aggressive, for example if Iam uploading a screenshot to a friend on discord, meaning I'll be laggy for 3-5secondes, the system already darken my screen and thinks im losing connection, while im simply having a burst in latency.
Thanks for the system, it's a good thing.


Chaos Connoisseur
Movie Battles II Team
Can't believe you would dare reduce the skill-ceiling so drastically by removing the need to master the intricate mechanics required to taunt and run at the same time! Stutter-step taunt was the most high-finesse mechanic in the game! The game will never be the same again. I sure hope you guys know what you're doing!

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View attachment 7082

Okay... You guys know what you're doing.

Holy fuck, guys. Good update. Tremendous work by all! I'll be sure to come check it all out.
gg :D

The Unguided

Movie Battles II Team
Can't believe you would dare reduce the skill-ceiling so drastically by removing the need to master the intricate mechanics required to taunt and run at the same time! Stutter-step taunt was the most high-finesse mechanic in the game! The game will never be the same again. I sure hope you guys know what you're doing!

View attachment 7079

View attachment 7080

View attachment 7082

Okay... You guys know what you're doing.

Holy fuck, guys. Good update. Tremendous work by all! I'll be sure to come check it all out.
Ahahaha! Love this reaction.
Great stuff. I've been suggesting adding a means of using the variant models for a long time. Finally I can play the variant ragnos cultists. Update looks thoroughly substantial and well-made...

except maybe the disruptor nerf. Idk, disruptor always felt like a good weapon to use in response to annoying wookie spam. Paper beats rock sort of deal. Now? Idk. I'll have to see how that change plays out. Anyway, overall a definite improvement. Glad to see these changes and new additions.