Moviebattles II 1.8.1 Released


V1.8.1 Update
  • Change: Names used for admin and server messages are protected (players may not use them).
  • Fix: Droidekas
    • The correct default Droideka model will now be preloaded (prevents client hitching in some situations).
    • Prevented an edge case where it was possible to roll with the shield up.
    • Holding the shield toggle with projector 1 or 2 while walking and then stopping no longer drains all shield energy.
  • Fix: Duel Mode Private Duels
    • Clients outside private duels will no longer predict collision with those who are in a duel (fixes jerky movement).
    • Grip and force focus targeting within private duels now cannot be disrupted by players outside the duel.
  • Fix: Force Destruction uses correct hit effect again.
  • Fix: cg_twoPistolCrosshairs setting should now be saved to config.
  • Fix: 'Bot route data not found' message is now hidden (no longer need dummy waypoint files for every map to suppress).

  • New / Change: Chat filter settings (cg_swearWordFilter / Settings > Other > Chat Options) now also apply to player names and server prints. Names will still appear unfiltered when using serverstatus / smod status or the moderation menu.
    • 1: Now filters against a predefined list of common slurs. This is the new default.
    • 2: In addition, also filters against a predefined list of obscenities.
    • 3: In addition, also filters against the customizable word list (defined by cg_swearWords).
    • 4: Filters using slur list and customizable word list.
    • 5: Only filters using the customizable word list (same as old behavior).
    • -1: Streamer Mode - Aliases names based on client number and hides player chat and some console prints.
    • -2: Streamer Mode (strict) - Admin and server chat messages are also hidden.
  • Change: Added third option in settings menu for cg_voiceFloodProtect (2: mute all). Was previously undocumented.
  • Change: The moderation menu's player list now indicates the player's team via background color (team1 = red, team2 = blue).
  • Change: If the server list source is set to Local at startup, it will be reset to Internet (ensures new players always get the right source).
  • Change: The server list now defaults to sorting servers by most to least players.
  • Change: Adjusted scoreboard and timer colors to be more pastel.
  • Change: Timer scores use a lower font weight.
  • Fix: Grip release icons display properly again (shown when losing a partial grip lock).

  • New: Added Gregor to ARC Trooper.
  • New: Added Rebel Grenadier to Elite Trooper.
  • New: Added Snivvian Commando to Elite Trooper.
  • New: Added Arcona Mercenary to Bounty Hunter.
  • New: Added Advozse Mercenary to Bounty Hunter.
  • New: Added Twi'lek Slaver (KotOR) to Bounty Hunter.
  • New / Change: Zabrak Female Mercenary is back in Elite Trooper with some texture changes and accessories to look more trooper-like.
  • Change: Tyria Sarkin now has a vest in favor of reducing team/class confusion.
  • Change: Outfit tweaks on female Imperial Officers to blend in more with imperials.
  • Change: General outfit tweaks on all Alien Commandos in favor of variety.
  • Change: Duros, Bith, Aqualish, Sullustan Commandos and Darth Tenebrous now have upgraded, non-ported, high quality head meshes.
  • Change: Afro Exile has been given a new body mesh familiar to Sith Pureblood's.
  • Change: Female Guerilla now has proper goggles and a new backpack.
  • Change: Duros and Twi'lek Commando voicelines have been changed from KOTOR II to KOTOR I variants. (The latter favors BH Twi'lek.)
  • Change: Spiced up clonetrooper soundsets (Bacara, Cody, Keller, Senate Guards, and the ones seen in TCW respectively) with more variants from The Clone Wars TV show, Revenge of the Sith video game and the Bounty Hunter video game.
  • Change: Each female Imperial Officer has a unique soundset now.
  • Change: Female Rebel Soldier with the ponytail now has a unique soundset from TFU.
  • Change: Shoretrooper has been given a tweaked soundset from the movies.
  • Change: Darth Tenebrous soundset has been given a more Sith-like edge to it, now is more diverse from its Bith gunner counterpart.
  • Change: AotC Anakin Skywalker's fan favourite line "I am the most powerful Jedi ever" is back as a victory line.
  • Change: Dark Jedi, Sith Pureblood and "Space Jesus" Exile now have a spammable battle scream as victory lines.
  • Change: General voiceline tweaks throughout most recent additions, getting rid of too many "conversation-like" lines.
  • Remove: Removed Lannik Racto due to team confusion.
  • Remove: Temporarily removed Yuthura Ban due to issues with the model among other things.

  • Fix: Reverted Jabba to a regular humanoid model to avoid crashes.

uMad? Map Pack
  • New: um_bespin_night
    • A night time variant with a different skybox and lighting. Replaces um_bespin_open.
  • Change: um_bespin
    • Overhauled global lighting.
    • New skybox.
    • Converted all cream coloured textures to be white and gave them a shine.
    • Redesigned the center building and its interior walls.
    • Redesigned the front section; added a water fountain and moved the training room.
    • Added new interiors to two buildings.
    • Fixed tunnel doors.
    • New loading screens.
  • Change: um_bespin_tournament
    • Overhauled global lighting.
    • New skybox.
    • Converted all cream coloured textures to be white and gave them a shine.
    • Added new interiors to two buildings.
    • Fixed tunnel doors.
    • New loading screen.
  • Remove: um_bespin_open

  • Change: Python RTV script no longer throws an error if maps in the map lists are missing (instead warns and does not use them in the running configuration). We recommend server hosts using the script upgrade to this version to reduce update maintenance from future map changes.

Changed Files ( Manual / Server Downloads )
MBII Maps-Models Credits.txt

Changelog Legend
New - New feature or addition to the game.
Change - Changes to the game.
Fix - Bug fix.
Remove - Removed feature.
Feature - New feature name.


Internal Beta Team
What I didnt know is that jumpkick requires "use" even when you're high enough to activate jump kick the old fashioned way. Now that is a change I do not like.
Yeah that feels horrible and was my main reason for mentioning the +use stuff.