Movie battles 2 is the worst game i have ever played. (Video Review)


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Reading the title of this thread you must be thinking this is a troll or a "hater". I wish to inform you that none of that is true. I am just a senior MB2 Veteran giving my thoughts on the current state of the game. And oh boy, is it a disaster. First of all lets address the gigantic mountain sized elephant in the room, the Wookie. The Wookie is by far the biggest game breaking element of the game. It takes absolutely zero skill to land kills with the wook. Simply press down the left mouse button while holding the w key and you will land kills guaranteed. the Wook is a class that needs serious reinventing/nerfing/fixing/deleting matter of fact just get rid of it all together and replace it with something much cooler such as gungan class or ewoks. something more balanced and would actually fit in the mb2 balance system.
but not only does mb2 have a major balance issue, it also has become a safe haven for trolls. Its the damn troll apocalypse. they are everywhere and there is no escaping. Those that wish to play the game for recreational purposes have TR but now that plague has spread to servers that are populated with decent and practical gamers that embrace the gameplay elements put in place by the developers. While playing on one of these "open" servers i recorded a few minutes of gameplay just to give you an idea of what really is wrong with the current state MB2.

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