mb2 has the worst community

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after running some code that exports random numbers and forces people to make sense of them, I have determined that mb2 has the worst community

from my findings, only 27.4% of mb2 players have played the game, I mean seriously, why be part of a community for a game you don't even play.

an astounding 4% of people have lost their left toe in an accident related to garbage disposals, that's about 3.97% than the average in Africa.

as it turns out, 97.84% has considered dating, and about 2% has held a stable relationship since the release of the original movie battles.

with these numbers you can see that mb2 has the best community, and the worst parts of it are all just a myth,

created by the cia, to trick us into chasing the elusive gift of perfect symmetry, we can't play God Michael, God is the meter maid, and your time is up.

thank you for coming to my bird babble