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I've finally gotten around to updating the original post here. Mainly I just updated a lot of outdated information, but some of the other stuff that's new:
  • I tried to emphasize better that even other providers who advertise DDoS protection typically can't filter complex get* floods (because the equipment used by providers like OVH, Vultr, etc has no filters for them, and they can't be effectively filtered on a VPS due to shared network/CPU resources), and worse, often have very low filtering limits like 10 Gbps for all attack types.
  • I added a bit about our automatic no-hassle MBII updates when new versions are released
  • I normally wouldn't mention it, but some providers advertise features like FTP access, 'CPU priority', and bruteforce protection, I added a section that basically says we do all that too. That's just basic stuff that should be expected from any provider though.
We've also got a sale on right now offering a 20% discount. Huge thanks again for the support we've gotten from the MBII community, we've got a lot more MBII customers than when I originally posted this. :)
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