Je'daii Melee Tournament! Sunday 18th 8PM GMT+1

  • The fights will be ft2 - the person with 2 wins wins the match (the semi-finals will be ft2 and the final will be ft3).
  • Swinging and throwing lightsabers during fights is prohibited - doing so means losing the match (but you can carry the lightsaber for the kata cooldown reduction).
  • Leaving the designated fight area, extensive jumping, abusing crouch blocking will also result in a loss.
  • Punch spamming is allowed.
  • Allowed force powers: jump, pull, force block. Using any other force powers will count as a loss.
  • About the insta-grab kata glitch - using it is allowed only once per fight (it can happen accidentally) but if it happens another time and you don't let your enemy go before dealing damage, it will count as a loss.
  • Banter is allowed but please be civil! (degeneracy is a bannable offence)

To sign in click interested at Je'daii discord event tab at event announcement or dm kerajan
Je'daii Discord server: Join the ᒍE'ᗪᗩII ᑕOᗰᗰᑌᑎITY Discord Server!


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