Confirmed issues with scripting on tutorial missons

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I've noticed on one computer that I've installed the game/mod on that the scripting of tutorial missions, the first two that is, can often fail to bring up the next dialogue. I think this has something to do with performing "weird" actions, especially for the second tutorial, where one can go through the menus in a variety of ways. Restarting the mission can fix this. Another issue I've found on both of the pc's I've used is that after completing the second tutorial the third one with Jango remains unavailable, and it shows the second tutorial as not having been completed, whereas the first tutorial has the green outline around it in the selection screen.


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There is a pseudo queue system for the dialogue on some parts. It is a really janky setup and sometimes it seems to freak out. I have found that it does eventually play, but for whatever reason it takes a really long time to play the voice line, far beyond any delays I put there. Not sure what is up with that at the moment. Honestly thinking of removing it at some parts because it seems to be incredibly buggy, and just letting people skip over the dialogue.

The third one should say unavailable. We only released the first two tutorials. If it was available, but you couldn't access it, you would still see things like the picture on the left, just greyed out rather than saying "unavailable".

Not sure why the second tutorial isn't being marked as completed. It might be due to the switch over from going straight to tutorial 3 to instead going to main menu as tutorial 3 wasn't being released. Not sure.