How to preset your hilts to your liking

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    WARNING: This text is written by @k4far, not by me.
    All the credits go to him.
    I'm not responsible for anything.


    so I asked Pancake today and he was so kind to tell me instantly I decided to share this with you I find it useful.
    I do not like default hilts and I always have to set them for myself manually, with this I do not have to worry about that anymore!

    Contents of one of 3 .sab files in Penekepack.pk3/ext_data/sabers (we open .pk3 with Winrar not the 7-zip - heresy tool.)

    1.First of all we gotta make sure what's the default hilt. (Starting hilts can't be different for Jedi or Sith, has to be the same way because of how it's been coded!)

    single - "Jedi Knight" hilt (saber_hilts_Open_single2.sab)
    duals - also "Jedi Knight" both (saber_hilts_Open_single2.sab)
    staff - "Dark Staff"

    single - "^4Jedi Knight" hilt (saber_hilts_Open_single2.sab)
    duals - also "^4Jedi Knight" both (saber_hilts_Open_single2.sab)
    staff - "^2Dark Staff^7[TOR]"

    2. Take a look see how ep1 windus hilt is actually the ancient knight hilt on Penekepack:
    name "^2Ancient Knight ^7[EU]"
    saberType SABER_SINGLE
    saberModel "models/weapons2/katana-sab/katana-sab.glm"
    soundOn "sound/weapons/eu/peneke_on.mp3"
    soundLoop "sound/weapons/eu/saberhum2.wav"
    soundOff "sound/weapons/eu/peneke_off.mp3"
    spinSound "sound/weapons/eu/saberspin.wav"
    swingSound1 "sound/weapons/eu/saberhup9.mp3"
    swingSound2 "sound/weapons/eu/saberhup7.mp3"
    swingSound3 "sound/weapons/eu/saberhup3.mp3"
    hitSound1 "sound/weapons/eu/saberhit.mp3"
    hitSound2 "sound/weapons/eu/saberhit3.mp3"
    hitSound3 "sound/weapons/eu/saberhit2.mp3"
    blockSound1 "sound/weapons/eu/saberblock7.mp3"
    blockSound2 "sound/weapons/eu/saberblock4.mp3"
    blockSound3 "sound/weapons/eu/saberblock1.mp3"
    bounceSound1 "sound/weapons/eu/saberbounce1.mp3"
    bounceSound2 "sound/weapons/eu/saberbounce2.mp3"
    bounceSound3 "sound/weapons/eu/saberbounce3.mp3"
    saberLength 41
    saberColor random
    saberRadius 1.7
    What you gotta do for the default hilt, you do never touch the "windu_ep1" you modify the name and sabermodel only, you replace them with what you want and you find what you want by browsing the list inside one of three .sab files inside Penekepack (path above.)

    Other players won't see these hilts unless Peneke decides to change his default hilts or they do the same as you are doing now and then your and their hilts will be exact same.

    Assign whatever hilt you want,

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