Hi guys.

About 8 years ago I spent a crazy amount of time in the game. My sessions could take up to 16 hours in a row. And all these 16 hours I could be in a state of immersion and flow, living the whole day in one bright moment. Few projects have given me at least a fraction of those feelings. The seemingly endless progression, the expression of individuality, and one's own philosophy through the gameplay is a non-trivial task requiring seemingly impossible conditions. MB2 had them.

I have also met all kinds of people from all over the world. A few local mad "gods", fans of clan dramas, spies-gossipers, drug addict philosophers, hackers no-lifers, trolls smart and not quite, boring white knights with no less boring rules in their mind, aggressive assholes, and just wonderful people - and I fell in love with all of them without exception . I enjoyed every interaction, every cozy chat, or even holy war. To participate or create them myself on behalf of other people... Perhaps, you still have no idea & so much the better!

I still keep in touch with few people, but I am not a sociable person, contrary to my modus operandi in the game. I hope no one is offended by this. I know that someone took care of their lives, someone is still playing, and some even managed to die from an overdose or illness, entering the honorary club 27. All these different people were united by the social sphere, which made the game no less interesting, than the gameplay itself.

Now I don't play anymore. I tried, but mb2 is too demanding on time (in my case), and I can't play for 16 hours anymore. And I probably don't have that strong motivation as before.
BUUUUT I began to receive a good salary!

In short, I know that many of those who are truly involved in the original ideas and decisions in the project have either moved away from it or are just rare guests. I cannot thank them personally. And yet I want to express my gratitude to the cause that already lives without them. This project is a monument to my warm memories. Therefore, I will try to express my gratitude in, eh... Subscription, I guess? Which starts today! And I encourage everyone who received fun to do so as well one day.

ty, mb2.