hi guys


it's blaze btw. how u guys doin
Goblins are not real
I just reported you


What does this mean?

Your post and/or comment was reported to the moderators, who can remove your post/comment and (possibly) ban you.

Why would you do such a thing?

I don’t report everything I see but some reasons I reported you include:

  • Breaking forum's ToS
  • Being rude to other ppl
  • Spam
Am I banned from Forum?

No, not yet, however the moderators can remove your comment and/or take further action by banning you from this forum (either for a set amount of time or permanently) and reporting you to the admins of Reddit.

I don’t feel that I should’ve been reported. Can you unreport me?

No, I cannot. The mods, however, can choose to ignore my report if I ended up abusing the report button (which is against Forum rules).

What should I do to prevent this from happening again?

Accept the punishment and move on. You may be banned from this forum soon, but it is more than likely a temporary ban. Once the ban is lifted, remember to never repeat what you did here. Your behavior will not be tolerated here on community.moviebattles.org. I will keep reporting you until you fix it. Remember, MB2 is a privilege, not a right.
being a goblin doubter is no different than being a flat earther. do your fucking research, there are plenty of videos out there that prove, without a shadow of a doubt, that goblins are real.
Proof N°1
Proof N°2
Proof N°3

also here's Erwin Saunders, a goblin scholar. he's mostly known for his translation of famous goblin works, including "rise and fall of the gnome empire", and "the diary of a young goblin", a very famous story of a young female goblin who chronicled her life hiding, during the Gnome occupation of Goblinsburg during the War of the Green.