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Technical Issue Help on improving ping on MB2 ONLY!


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I've had always in NA servers an average of 50-70 ping on AOD, US officials, tR, Owe's, LS and NR servers. Then for some reason and ONLY in MB2 my ping got high on every single server without changing ISP or any config. Then I tested my ping on other games such as league of legends and overwatch and it remains the same as always.

I ask for anyone's help on telling me how to improve my ping because it is now between 105-135. It has impacted the way I play and find it annoying to now having to adapt and deal with this. Can I get some help with this? I repeat this only happens to me on EVERY MB2 SERVER

My network settings FYI:
- Max packets 100
- Snaps 40
- Data Rate: 25000
- Backup Packets 1

And yes I use a LAN cable on my pc, not wifi.