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It is with a heavy heart that I write this. Never, in the 10 years of my MBII experience, would have I thought that I would find myself writing a farewell letter to this game. I never was a perfect, irreprehensible, virtuous member of this community. Many knew me, and many still know me, for my toxicity and trollish manners; I cannot deny that I can be a thorn in the ass when I want to. For that, I apologize in advance to all the people I may have upset during the course of these ten years in MBII. I was not serious.
I do not expect anyone to care or to be particularly interested in my departure, even though there still are some I consider "friends" that I feel like I owe them at least a goodbye.
Throughout my entire adolescence, and for most part of my early adult years, this game has been the only comfort zone I could take shelter to to mitigate the grieves and frustrations of real life. I grew so fond of it that I eventually ended up considering it my second family. A disfunctional, toxic, mentally abusing, frustrating family lol, but one I could always rely on for a couple hours of fun and laughter that could make me forget my real life predicaments. But, as years passed, my online persona began dissociating from my actual Self. You know, there is this Jungian theory called the "integration of the shadow", basically what it means is bringing the hidden parts of the Self into consciousness, to better know thyself, expecially the darkest parts of you, and exert a tighter, conscious control over them. What I didn't know, back then, was that my shadow was inconsciously growing like a tumor as I indulged in what someone would consider despicable behaviors on this and other videogames. And so my toxic online conduct, along with personal real life stuff, eventually took a toll on my mental health. But I'm not here to write an apology to my online wrongdoings, so I won't linger on this any further.
Over the last few years, expecially during and after the world pandemic, my mental health has not been at its best, and this reflected in almost all aspects of my life - MBII being one of them-.
So I grew even more obsessively attached to this videogame and the people that populate it, partially for a sincere sense of friendship and camaraderie towards some of them, partially for giving too much weight to criticism and hostility coming from some others, letting them influence my emotions in a very dangerous way. I thought spending half of my waking life on the internet would have helped me grow a thicker skin against those very dyamics that I myself incorporated, but evidently I was wrong.
The population of this game, and its habitual users, have changed and mutated a lot throughout the years, many people joined and left, many came back after years, many completely disappeared, but every single one of them helped shape the community we are so fond of, and contributed to many of our shared memories.
Sadly, an insidious feeling grew stronger and stronger in me in over the last year. It may be just a subjective impression, but I gradually felt that the athmosphere, the overall mood of the game in its current state, has changed a lot. Not gameplay-wise, be that clear; rather, its community. Many of the people I considered friends in this game have changed their attitude towards me or towards the game itself, many have become less active or have just left, and the overall atmosphere of the game feels worn out nowadays. Again, it may just be an impression of mine, but I just cannot find the same joy in playing MBII recently. Add to that the fact that, as I mentioned earlier, my mental health is not at its prime, and can be easily compromised by online activity.
Long story short, I came to the conclusion that I need to distance myself from what has become a reason of mental distress rather than an enjoyable hobby.
I don't think anyone in particular would feel the need for me to write a farewell letter, I don't think my departure will be felt that much in the community, but I felt the need to express these feelings, in my heart it was like I owed and explaination to this game and to the part of me that is Pokrew, so I'm doing it more for me than for anyone else.
I want to send a special thank you to all the players that helped shape my memories in these years, and that I still consider friends, with the hope that one day I will be able to come back to the game with a new, healthier mindset and meet you all again.
In the meantime, cya later
Damn, I always enjoyed your cringeloling and trolling...
I get you bro, these past few years took a toll on me and I tried 'venting' it through my online persona but it may have actually worsened my state.

Thank you for all the good memories and I hope I see you again around when we are both in better mental state. And don't forget... once [SS7] you're [SS7] for life! We just need to learn to be healthy SS7 instead of toxic retards ;)


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Sad to see you go. We never talked too much but always enjoyed having you around.

I get your feelings about the community changing. It has always been like this of course. People come and go during the years. Ive met so many and also seen so many leave during these 16 years of mb2 which is absolutely crazy long time for one game. But as more years go by, the more people youve made a real bond with start going away. You might make more friends or get familiarized with new faces that come along the way. But they too leave at some point or you simply dont bond with them the same way as you did with those that you grew up with in this game. Suddenly you realize that there is not a single player in the server that you actually know and wonder why youre even playing.

This game is 50 percent game and 50 percent community, at least to me. I still have a lot friends playing but it is definitely not the same as it used to be. I tread the day when this game is long gone and the most fun chat platform of the century is dead. This is why I wanna stay in touch with as many mb2 players as possible. Hope you come back some day and salt the community with your trash talk once again. I will sure miss it. And good luck on getting your life straigthened up. I wish you the best.
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buonasera ragazzo, you will be missed, we didnt really engaged too much communication but i enjoyed the times we had in mb2 when we came to be in it at the same time, i wish you well and hopefully to see you back again someday, most important is to take care of yourself being and have a good health mentally and physically.

hasta pronto.



just take a couple months of break and play legends from what I can tell there are way less people from open and its a different community. Also good luck if you don't return
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But on a real note, farewell, I too left the game as it is even though it was a fun hobby, and I do agree that the community has changed drastically. The community is such a large part of this game that I myself cannot bring myself to return and enjoy it again because a lot of the people I count as friends no longer play it, and that gives me no motivation to play it too, so I understand. Good luck and have fun in life, Pokrew.
I never knew you, but I feel like I understand the family thing. Everybody needs some kind of fellowship and sometimes it feels like MBII is the only "Real" community around.

May God bless you and help you in your situation in Jesus name!

Sincerely Fred the outcast