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Forum Rules / Code of Conduct
This forum is intended to foster a friendly community environment for players to openly discuss all things related to the Movie Battles II mod and as a place to help coordinate ongoing development efforts. Civilized discourse is important for both of these goals.

Everyone is expected to adhere to the following standards. The list is not intended to be exhaustive and moderation action may be taken within the spirit of these rules. Where applicable, these apply to all areas of the forum and other community outlets operated by the Movie Battles Team such as official servers or our Discord.

General Rules

Actions or content (words, images, video, or links to other websites) listed under this category are not allowed:
  1. Threats of Harm, Disseminating Personal Info / Doxxing
    • Threats of real life violence toward an individual or group in any capacity.
    • Dissemination of real life information of community members without the individual's consent or with the intent to bully, intimidate, or harass.
  2. Flaming, Harassment, Discrimination
    • Severe or repeated personal attacks against or harassment of anyone. You're free to attack arguments, not people.
    • Promotion of racial, ethnic, and nationalistic hatred, or use of slurs (including strongly implied).
    • Attacks on a person's gender, sexual orientation, or any other innate attribute.
  3. Banned Content
    • Real life depictions of extreme violence (e.g. beating, shooting, murder), the dead, or dying.
    • Ridiculing a significant tragedy (e.g. the holocaust, terrorist attacks) or sexual assault.
    • Pornography and excessive gore.
  4. Illegal Content
    • Providing detailed descriptions or instructions on performing illegal activities.
    • Advocating for attacks (e.g. DDoS) on community servers.
    • Promotion of piracy including warez, cracks, serials and the like.
    • Distribution of malicious viruses, programs, or exploits.
  5. Creating Multiple Accounts*
    • Intentionally registering and using more than one identity.
    • Creating another account to circumvent a suspension or ban.
  6. Spamming
    • Excessively communicating the same phrase, similar phrases, or pure gibberish.
    • Creating redundant threads about existing active topics, or with the sole purpose of linking another post or thread.
    • Resurrecting a topic which has not had any activity for over 6 months (necro-posting).
    • Abusing the Report feature by sending false alarms or nonsensical messages.
  7. Trolling
    • Creating threads for the sole purpose of causing unrest on the forums.
    • Causing disturbances in forum threads, such as picking fights, making off topic posts that ruin the thread, insulting other posters.
    • Impersonating developers or other identifiable community members.
  8. Excessive Profanity
    • Keep it to what could be seen in a non-adult movie. So anything up to an f-bomb or two, but don't start carpet bombing.
  9. Cheating
    • Providing instructions or assistance with cheating against other players.
  10. Advertising
    • Promotion of unaffiliated organizations, products, groups, or websites, except where explicitly allowed.
    • This rule also covers links or invites to other Discord servers. DMing someone a link if they request it first is fine.
  11. Disputing Moderation
    • Complaining about warnings or any other specific moderator action, on behalf of yourself or others, except in an appeal as defined below.
    • Threatening with moderation for perceived rule breaking. Use the report system (where available) or contact moderation if you believe someone is breaking the rules.
  12. Off-Topic
    • Threads should be made on the relevant forum sections.
    • Posts responding to threads should be on topic and not purposefully derail the conversation.
    • Do not spoil newly released films, books, etc. without using spoiler tags and appropriate warnings in the thread title.

Section Specific Rules

User Profiles

  • Avatars and signatures may not be animated, overly large, or distracting.
  • Signatures may contain non-commercial advertising of clans and/or groups affiliated with the user, assuming no content rules are violated. Link names may not be misleading.
Community Teams & Servers
  • Movie Battles related groups, clans, or servers may advertise themselves by posting a single topic in this section.
Support, Feedback & Gameplay, Bug Tracker
  • These sections serve a specific purpose and as such must be used appropriately. They are not meant to foster discussions.
  • Ensure you follow any rules specified in those sections or in specific threads within those sections.
  • Use tags and prefixes for better organization where those are available.
  • Ensure you do not post a new support request without thoroughly checking existing threads and the relevant FAQs and Guides.
  • Any threads created in the Bug Tracker must be brief and concise, accurately describing the problem, the conditions when it occurred and how to replicate it.
  • Feedback and suggestions in the Feedback & Gameplay are welcome but must also be concise and to the point. Avoid endless discussions of how things should be.
  • Also be aware that just because you suggest something, it doesn't mean it will happen. The Development Team is always open to suggestions but implementations will depend on internal resources, design decisions, and internal direction.
  • Violation of the above may be considered a violation of the Off-Topic rule.
Modification & Media
  • If a work is not 100% made by you, it must be attributed properly.
  • Replacement mod links, advertisements, etc. will be deleted on sight unless they contain the following:
    • A link to the original file.
    • Explicitly mentioning the original author's name.
    • Explicitly mentioning that you did not make the skin and/or model and that you only did a simple task of changing the directories around so that it is playable in Movie Battles.
  • This also applies to links in signatures.
Offtopic Area (registered users only) / #cantina (Discord)
  • General
    • Rules on spam and profanity are relaxed.
    • In the context of a debate or other serious discussion topic, content rules may be relaxed to permit discussion of said topics, but only where necessary and if done in a respectful manner. It will be up to moderation's judgement whether something crosses the line.
  • Memes
    • Content must be SFW. Anything borderline may be deleted.
    • Try to focus on inclusive or universal humor.
    • [Forums] Keep memes in this thread. Use spoiler tags if posting anything particularly large or many gifs.

Rule violations may receive a warning or an infraction (a warning with points) depending on the severity and the rule category broken. Moderation action taken on a post will receive a red banner describing the rule broken. Violating content may also be deleted in whole or in part or the topic locked from further discussion. Rule violations on non-forum outlets will generally follow the pattern of warning and escalating enforcement, at the moderator's discretion.

An account will be suspended (unable to do anything except view posts) when warning points become equal to or greater than the thresholds below. For example, an account with 1 points is warned for flaming. It will then have 3 points, passing the threshold for a one week account suspension (2 points). If the account is then warned again for trolling after the suspension is lifted it would have 5 points and get a two week suspension.

Warning points will automatically expire after a time based on the severity of the warning. An account with 6 or more warning points, a history of infractions, or a severe enough rule violation may be permanently banned.

Warning Actions
  • (3 points): one week account suspension
  • (5 points): two week account suspension
  • (7 points): 1 month account suspension
  • (9 or more): suspended while at or above threshold
Category / Points
  • No color: 0 warning points (verbal warning) OR 1 warning point, 1 month expiry
  • Yellow: 2 warning points, 2 month expiry
  • Red: Long term or permanent ban
  • * : Original account will be warned and duplicate identities banned

Warnings or account suspensions may only be appealed on the grounds of moderator misconduct (action not justified by the rules). Appeals may be made by creating a topic in this section. Permanent bans from the forum may not be appealed.
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