I'm not sure if I'm the only one here but I can't like the new update on the E-33. In defense of the newer updates, the proj, the birds, and beskar are all really neat additions. Years ago the mandalorians were incredibly fun to play, but every update seems to subtly change and nerf them (which is fine I guess, if the other classes are getting appropriate nerfs/buffs) but this update makes me want to give up on the class. The mandalorian's E-33 gave me the biggest reason to play on the imperial side if I had the option to. I gotten use to and loved the spread of fire it had and the scope was a great counter balance to the arc troopers westar m5 and the hero's proj. I will admit that I have never gotten the hang of the projectile rifle down, but this scope was such a great alternative instead of that gun (for me at least). I'm unsure why we can't have both sniping options for the class. Now the new adjustments could have been great additions to the blaster, giving the mandalorian even more options under their belt with it. Why not make the three burst fire an alternative auto fire (saber style input) instead of removing the original full auto? Perhaps also even keeping the new alt attack as another option for cycling through different rates of fire. Now that the proj has been buffed and the flamethrower, rocket, and e-33 all nerfed, the mandalorian is now disadvantaged when pitted against a sniper or jedi.

Sorry for the large incoherent rant, just my two cents. Thank you to the testers and the dev's for putting in the work regardless. I'm thankful for some new additions to the class and I'm looking forward to great changes in the next updates.


Absolutely, I agree. I also miss the classic EE-3 weapon. It was iconic for Mandalorian gameplay. While the recent updates added some interesting features, the changes to the EE-3 feel off. It had a unique feel I enjoyed, so it's disappointing to see it altered in a way that reduces its appeal to me.