Dueling Sucks

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As an avid dueler myself, who has been playing for about ~4 years, I believe I have a say in the mechanics of what is probably considered the main attraction for this mod. Now with that said, I would like to start the discussion on why I believe dueling in its current state is boring and unskilled and then give feedback on what could be improved. First off, I am going to talk about the various saber styles, and I think everyone here can agree yellow is by far the most popular. So why is that? Its because it is the only relevant saber style that does everything better than any other saber style. Sure, its swings are a bit predictable and you would think skilled players could easily just pb, but let me introduce you to some cancerous mechanics. Swing Blocking and ghost swings. Because of these mechanics, saber swing speed doesn't actually matter, making cyan and blue useless as yellow does far more bp damage and outranges every other style. Duels are not about skill with the saber, its about skill with your reload button and holding the block button. This mechanic, when I first started learning to duel, was so bad that I thought it was a bug. But no, it's a feature the devs have implemented. Not having to worry about being knocked down just because your holding the block button while swinging should not exist, this feature only encourages spamming the m1 button while holding m2. Now about ghost swinging (I call it that), your essentially ending a swing early, but still hitting your opponent, allowing you to swing faster than should be possible. These yellow style users legit abusing this mechanic and swinging their yellow sabers around like its cyan, a mechanic that further solidifies yellow as the only viable saber against anyone who knows how to duel. I for one, am tired of seeing yellow vs yellow duels, and believe it is time for a rework of the dueling mechanics and a rework of the other saber styles to be more on par with yellow. This will encourage diversity in the dueling scene, allow more matchups, and overall increase the complexity and fun of dueling. One more mechanic that is completely unnecessary is the disarm. I don't see how being able to instantly end a duel just by disarming is a fun and balanced mechanic, and makes the game impossible to play when you meet someone whos probably running a disarm script and just sitting there, not attacking, just blocking, fishing for disarms. Very unfun. This post was made by cyan and purple gang.