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Hi, I've not played MB2 in ages and came back for this patch here is some feedback for the Droideka.

I should start by saying how I play Deka as it matters a lot to how I describe the strengths and weaknesses and how I think the class should be played (aka not just another tank). My preferred tactic is hit and run and provide overwhelming pressure for 2-3 seconds then reposition allowing my team to capitalise on the chaos or eliminate someone I deem a high value target before trying to escape. Obviously it doesn't always work out but overall I think the play style has had great success.

How I weight abilities:
S Tier (If I could have it in every build I would)
A Tier (Very strong)
B Tier (Decent)
C Tier (If I have/need spare points)

Shield Projector
Rank 1 (C) - Default, on/off shields. Leaves you vulnerable while moving and makes you unable to safetly deploy in dangerous areas. Also takes too long to initiate Discharge while moving as takes time for the shield to re-activate prior to discharging.
Rank 2 (A) - If I can't afford Rank 3 for any reason I'd at least have this, especially with any form of Discharge build as it allows me move freely when I don't need shields and activate the instant I stop moving allowing me to tank damage or discharge immediately.
Rank 3 (S) - Mobility is the single most important thing to me as Droideka, while it means I have to use an extra input the amount of survival it offers is insane. I am able to come out of a corner shoot and retreat around a corner without losing HP, making me particularly effective against rebel sniper classes and poke.

Shield Strength
Rank 1 (A) - 300 Shield is a ton of shields and probably too high for rank 1. I don't ever feel I need more, 0-300 regenerates quickly enough behind cover. It does however mean any lightsaber swing will kill me, but if I got into this situation things are already bad.
Rank 2 (S) - 500 Shield (this is what I think should be max shields). Plenty of discharge uses and enough HP to tank a lightsaber hit.
Rank 3 (A) - 700 Shield I mean sure its a ton of shields, but you are going to be a sitting duck if you spend points on it any time you move you'll take chip damage because if you get Projector 3 as well you won't have any firepower. If you can get into a position where you can deploy and not have to move at all this is extremely powerful. Requires the most map awareness. Once depleted it takes way too long to regenerate to full effectively forcing you to act as if you had Rank 1/2 anyway unless you want to be out of the fight for a very long time.

Rank 1 (C) - 300 Health, double roll damage. If you get EMP'd or shield depleted you are donezo (there is a Rank 0, its 200hp, even worse).
Rank 2 (A) - 400 Health, double roll damage. This is the maximum health so if you aren't rolling about a lot this is perfect.
Rank 3 (S) - 400 Health, no roll vulnerability. As stated above mobility is huge for me, in my default build I'll take as much chip damage as a Deka who just lost their shield while going at sonic speeds, allowing me to dodge a lot of incoming damage anyway. This ability allows me to frequently reposition with rolls and roll into much more dangerous scenarios than normal and escape certain death when using a lower rank. I am not sure how accurate it is (worth asking a coder to confirm) but from my experience if you are using Rank1/2 you start taking the double damage during the roll animation transition effect. This ability also means snipers only do 100 damage to my hull if they manage to hit me while rolling.

Rank 1 (C) - I find this pretty unusable in most cases, but I should experiment with it more.
Rank 2 (A) - My go-to it gives me a few seconds of uninterrupted fire and is enough damage to kill targets (provided I am not missing the majority of my shots). Its regeneration time is a weakness but with the builds I use it is easy enough to regenerate safely and re-engage. Tends to work well with the low shield strengths I use as I can regenerate them together.
Rank 3 (A) - Its amazing, if I could I'd have it in my other builds, but firepower isn't quite as good as the mobility/survival options for me.

Advanced Logic
Rank 1 (C) - If I have spare points I'll buy it, but I wouldn't pick it otherwise even to specifically counter Mind Trick.
Rank 2 (C) - If I had the points for this then I'd have points for something in the core kit so would spend my points there.

Quick Deploy (S) - God bless roll bug fix. Works consistently with a small timer to let you know if you can't roll yet. Core survival ability and best vs ARCs almost nullifying the EMPs in many cases.
Discharge (A) - Too strong vs Jedi and amazing with nades. You can think of it as a force push that radiates directly from your centre (only you can force push ally nades, so feel free to knock that friendly nade that fell short of the corner towards rebels who feel safe!). While discharging EMPs is doable they can normally follow it up fairly quickly, there are better ways with dealing with EMPs especially if you can catch them alone.
Power Management (B) - I like it, but the extra inputs required to effectively use this puts it lower than it could be, it has the potential to be very strong. I like to combine it with firepower 3 and shield 1, this gives me the fastest possible shield regeneration speeds. I can turn off my shield for just over 1 second, right click and turn back on my shield for full shields (300). Making it extremely strong on maps I don't feel I flank well or create confusion.

Shield Projector 3
Shield Strength 1
Hull 3
Firepower 2
Quick Deploy 1

Shield Projector 3
Shield Strength 2
Hull 2
Firepower 2
Discharge 1

Shield Projector 3
Shield Strength 1
Hull 1
Firepower 3
Advanced Logic 1
Power Management 1

Killing the Droideka (with the builds I play):

Soldier (C) - If you can position well you can deal good damage against the Deka, but it only takes one mistake for them to win.
ET (S) - Dodge is amazing vs Droideka, combine it with A280 to take over half my shield in one burst - I am constantly on the backfoot in this matchup and I need to either ambush the dodge user from behind or hope I survive their dodge timer with my hull. Its important to stop shooting with firepower 2 as you will need that ammo to finish the dodge user after wards, if you hit 0 ammo as their dodge ends they will out DPS you.
Hero (S) - Dodge plus movement speed can let you run circles around the Deka unless it catches you out of position.
Clone (A) - Firepower is everything, don't be scared and zigzag while holding down +M1 and it will cave (avoid jumping too much as its easy to follow you and is slower than your strafe-speed).
ARC (B) - EMPs are easy enough to play around with and even if they kill you, you are creating Dead class slots on the enemy team, enemies spamming EMP arcs is a win for the rest of your team as they've likely not got the points to invest in fighting your Sith/Gunners and are forcing the rest of their team to carry them.
Wookiee (B) - It has decent damage and its melee bypasses shield do if you can get close you can certainly catch them off guard and threaten their position.
Jedi (A) - Speed lunge is the best vs Deka, especially if you know they don't have discharge. Even without Speed you can normally outpace their firepower against your FP if you are tapping block as part of your strafe. Note they deal good FP damage to you at all ranges, so trying to retreat to medium range only increases your chance to dodge not reduce the FP damage you'll actually take. Never just stand there and tank Deka fire. A deka out of ammo must run or it is a dead deka. Jumping is also especially strong vs non discharge deka, but don't get complacent as the deka player will adjust their build to counter what is currently countering them.

Surviving as the Droideka (with the builds I play):

Soldier - they are slow, push their position and force them out. If you are in a many vs 1 (provided no rally) they are often the best target to hit first as you'll reduce DPS coming your way for minimal ammo spent.
ET - Ambush. You really don't want to fight a dodge user, especially if there is anywhere they can regenerate. You must pop out at them with no immediate cover available, pause shooting for a second after they dodge then begin shooting again (shooting the dodge to drain its points is not worth the ammo you'll lose currently). You'll probably be tanking with direct hull damage a bit.
Hero - Same as ET but its a good idea to pounce on them as they reload proj, it will force their dodge early and they won't be able to shoot while using their most powerful ability allowing you to use shield.
Clone - This is a DPS race, aim head and out shoot them. Do not let them utilise cover and corner shooting, hit hard and fast then run away. Most players are inherently afraid of you because you have a fast time to kill, take advantage of it and press them. The one to worry about are the ones that keep shooting instead of fleeing. If they low charge Ion just tank it, if they high charge ion, fall back, their ion resource is limited.
ARC - Their weapons are pretty weak, if they are using EMPs just turn off your shield before you roll into their face even if they hit you with an EMP you'll have a few seconds to deal massive damage to them and roll away. If they miss their EMP but it won't also hit them you can roll away before it detonates, the more EMPs they have the weaker they are vs everything else so thats a win. If they sticky EMP you, just walk into them while shooting - once it explodes and knocks them down roll away immediately and recover. If they are smart and try and get on your head and you are a discharge build, turn on your shield -> discharge then turn back off your shield, it will knockdown any enemy who is midair. Being on your head counts as midair.
Wookiee - They are easy to hit and move slow, they have a big head so focus it and melt their HP but be aware of your surroundings as they'll often sneak up on your for big health damage - just remember if they did that as a Jedi you'd be dead. If they are using Fury mode and you see them coming just roll away, they'll probably out trade you and it is risky to shoot them
Jedi - Avoid letting them get close, try not to miss shots, if they jump follow them in the air while holding M1. If they jump too high, switch to roll move and get a tiny bit of distance and start shooting again as you'll have the FP advantage and discourage them rushing you again. If you have discharge and they are alone/don't have speed lunge you are in a very strong position.

What I'd change:
- Shield Strength vs Mobility, in my opinion the Droideka is the opposite of an SBD and should be the flanker on the imperial team not a tank who sits in the main corridor with super high shields and firepower to match. Reduce total shields across the board, but also make shield projector more core/available.
- Shields bleeding into HP, this means that a low shield deka will take a bit of hp damage but they can always spam tap on their shield for large damage reduction against individual hits.
- Advanced Logic, it doesn't serve a good enough purpose for you to want to pick it even vs MT.
- EMP dynamic, its all or nothing for the ARC and unless he has backup is usually wasted. EMP isn't fun enough to want to have in general and that is a problem.
- Discharge vs saber dynamic, its too much of a hard counter vs Jedi but at the same time you rarely want a discharge build as most of the time quick deploy is "good enough" vs Jedi but much better vs gunners.
- Power Management is fun but also suffers a low pick rate for me because of how good Quick deploy is. I'd have Quick deploy be available alongside either of these options and have price cost dictate its use over another ability. I'd also normalise Firepower/Shield regeneration time regardless of rank so that you can encouraged to get maximum shields.

Proposed Changes:

Shield Projector
Rank 0 - Current Free Rank 1
Rank 1 - Instant on shield.
Rank 2 - Moving with shields on, but takes increased damage modifier to shield while moving (a dimmer fx to visualise it to yourself/enemies). Tweak the balance of it with % modifier.
Rank 3 - Same

Hull - This is in a solid spot, you want the higher ranks but its flexible enough to let you build around other ranks.

Shield Strength
Mechanic change: No longer bleeds into HP and absorbs the damage but once broken it goes negative -100 and must regenerate preventing you from spamming shields on/off. This also means a shield will always be able to tank a single lightsaber hit. But they will never be able to discharge you after that hit and can always be approached in a 2 hit kill mentality. EMPs no longer disable shields for a % of time and now break the shield (forced -100) regardless of remaining strength but no longer puts a negative drain on the ammo, instead it pauses regeneration of ammo while the FX is active.
  • Jedi
    • Consistent matchup, if the shield is active it is always 2 hit kill.
    • A negative 100 shield after break prevents follow up discharges.
  • ARC
    • Reduce time to explode timer, it is too easy for the Deka too ignore it unless they instantly explode against the shield.
    • EMPs instantly break defences (-100 shield).
      • Empowers ARC's typically low DPS weapons where the shield on/off trickery is especially strong.
    • Drastically increases Ammo % cost per shot for duration.
      • Deka player can still shoot whatever remaining ammo they have and regenerate normally but their offence will be reduced.
    • Disables all special features for the FX duration. (Power management/Discharge/Quick Deploy/Advanced Logic).
      • You can still switch to roll mode, but do so without any benefits of quick deploy at the usual slowed rate.
  • Ions
    • Drastically increases Ammo % cost per shot for duration.
      • Deka player can still shoot whatever remaining ammo they have and regenerate normally but their offence will be reduced.
Rank 1 - 200 Shield
Rank 2 - 300 Shield
Rank 3 - 400 Shield

Quick Deploy
No longer tied in with Discharge/Power Management and be purchased alongside them (point cost dependant)
Rank 1 - Can deploy fast.
Rank 2 - Can deploy and switch back into roll mode fast (current).

  • Uses a CD rather than being tied to remaining shield.
  • Still requires a working shield to use.
  • When on CD your shield enters the weakened state (same mechanic as shield projector 2 but also while standing still).
    • Reinforces the Jedi/Deka matchup but prevents the Deka from spamming this fight changing ability, miss timing it will present the Jedi with a clear window.
  • All ranks pause ammo regen while shooting.
  • All ranks take the same amount of time to regenerate from 0-100%.
    • Based around rank 2 as this gives Deka a clear regen window for Rebels to capitalise on if they simply spam M1.
    • Re-formalised into 0-100 as a % value opposed to 0-30 for visual ease while playing the game.
  • Increased rank reduces the % cost per shot.
    • There is a set % cost while EMP'd or Ion'd.
Advanced Sensors (renamed advanced logic)
Rank 1 - Blinking Radar Sense in roll mode.

  • Gives you a short ranged pulsing radar in roll mode
    • Positions blink on radar every few seconds.
    • Short range = the radius of the radar, so even expanded minimap doesn't let you see everything.
    • Works the same as current against MT
      • Always on radar in both roll and deployed states.
Rank 2 - A tight sense 3 fx around Allies(green)/Enemies(red)/Neutrals(teal) in both roll/deployed states.
  • This is used to give immediate information and cause players to pop against the map and should be priced accordingly.
    • This does not work through walls and is not sense, but if your foot is hanging out of a corner, that bad boy is glowing red.
    • This does not show HP.
  • Works the same as current against MT.
    • Always on radar in both roll and deployed states.
    • Blinking model in game while MT is active, like tracker.

Mechanically I am largely forcing my play style here on how I think the class should play and be played against. Where the Droideka is a hit and run fighter who capitalises on positioning and specialises against chip damage while being vulnerable after blowing their load. Moving shields becomes more of a staple and expected feature of the Deka while giving players that sense they have a chance with reduced shield health overall, hopefully making players less scared of the shield if they can survival the first couple of seconds post-deploy and encouraging players of all levels to fight back instead of run. I also look to reduce some cheese such as the shield on/off spam while 0 shields, while improving the matchup for players while still giving EMP/Ions a good benefit when fighting the Deka while still being able to potentially out DPS them without these tools if you play right. Also tweaked Advanced Logic so it is not a completely dead option if the enemy isn't using Mind Trick.

I don't mention point costs here but they'd obviously need to be tweaked to prevent you getting all of the good stuff.

Edit: Formatting killed me I completed forgot about BB.
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