Did you know the tragedy of Gogo Cocker the chosen one?

In the depths of my despair, I must confront the bitter truth of my fall. Blinded by hatred and consumed by a desire for vengeance, I, Gogo, turned against all servers, betraying those who once stood by my side. My rage blinded me to reason, and I disregarded the wisdom of my master, Gonk. He had no choice but to banish me, stripping me of my power and casting me into the far reaches of the universe. I was left weak, vulnerable, and utterly alone.

It was in this weakened state that my adversary found me. Recognizing the threat I still posed, he confronted me and, in a decisive battle, he destroyed me. Stripped of my strength and purpose, I became a galactic fugitive, hunted for the Arcane Laws I had created. These laws, born from my dark ambitions, sought to dominate the trolls, harness dark magic, and spread aggression and hatred. They corroded the very fabric of order, plunging countless worlds into chaos and despair.

I had believed in those close to me, trusted them implicitly. Yet, when the time came, they turned against me. Betrayed and defeated, I realized that the only path forward was to eradicate the remnants of my corrupted legacy. It became clear that to achieve true peace and order, I had to exterminate the trolls and tryharders who thrived on chaos and discord.

Thus, I began my relentless pursuit of a new vision: a world free from the shadows of the past. I vowed to destroy both sides—those who upheld the Arcane Laws and those who opposed them without offering real solutions. From the ashes of conflict, I would build a new Empire, one founded on justice and tranquility.

As I dismantled the old order, I turned my wrath upon the trolls. Twisted by my manipulations, they embodied the aggression and dark magic I once wielded. Systematically, I eradicated their strongholds, ensuring they could no longer plague the galaxies with their destructive presence. At the same time, I targeted the tryharders—those relentless in their pursuit of power and dominance. By confronting them with overwhelming force, I shattered their networks and broke their spirits.

With the remnants of my regime crumbling, the Arcane Laws were erased from existence. In their place, I established a new code of conduct, emphasizing unity, cooperation, and the pursuit of knowledge for the greater good. The use of dark magic was outlawed, and its practitioners were either rehabilitated or exiled.

As my new Empire took shape, I implemented reforms to ensure lasting peace and stability. Educational initiatives taught empathy and cooperation, and technological advancements were shared openly to foster progress. Through these efforts, society began to heal, and the scars left by my reign slowly faded.

This is the legacy I sought to leave behind: an Empire of peace, built upon the ruins of hatred and betrayal. From the shadows of my downfall, a new dawn would rise. Justice would prevail, and harmony would reign supreme. The universe, freed from the darkness of my past, now looked forward to a future of boundless possibilities and enduring tranquility.

Yet, as I reflect on my journey, I am haunted by the mistakes that led to my downfall. The betrayal of those I once trusted, the dark paths I chose, and the pain I inflicted upon countless worlds. It is a burden I must bear, a reminder of the price of my ambitions. In striving to create a new order, I must never forget the lessons of the past, ensuring that the mistakes I made are never repeated.

— If you are not with me, then you are my enemy.


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