Dev Diary - Twenty Years of Movie Battles 2


Twenty Years of Movie Battles 2​

Twenty years ago today, RenegadeOfPhunk released the first build (B14) of Movie Battles 2. Last year on the twentieth anniversary of the original Movie Battles release for Jedi Outcast, we ran through a brief history of Movie Battles as well as a look into our first open mode class upgrade in years. This year we will be focusing on what is coming in the near future as well as things we plan on delivering over the course of the next year. Our focus this year is to deliver some of the largest sets of new abilities & weapons, revamps to existing ones, and overall class updates than we have ever delivered before.

Back-end Refactoring

Since 2019 we have been slowly working on refactoring many of the back-end systems in MB2 to make things easier for us to expand and create new content. We started with things like reworking the class back-end structure to allow us to more easily create new classes or modify existing ones. This year is no different, with some of the largest back-end reworks taking place. Below are just a few examples of the refactoring tasks coming in future patches sometime this year.

The Great Weapon Split​


In 2020-2021 we completely reworked our backend weapon system to go from 19 weapon slots to over 200 and initially separated grenades out into their own weapons instead of being overwrites based on what class you were running. Now, we have completed the migration of every weapon in MB2 into their own slots and even restored original BaseJKA weapons to full functionality for use in modes like FA. No longer will pulled weapons morph when you pick them up. Weapons such as the DLT-20a, A-280, and M5 are no longer heavily tied together and can have multiple values for balance more independently and easily modified than ever before. Faster balance iteration is also a plus.

In the end we have gone from 19 weapons with class-specific limits, to currently 41 independent weapons with more being added in the coming weeks and months.

Resource System​

Our resource system (FP, BP, Fuel, Stamina, Battery, etc.) has been reworked and heavily simplified internally. The biggest change end users will see is the handling of Force Points. These now constantly regenerate, even when using active force powers. Force powers like Speed now have higher constant drains to compensate, but no longer pauses regeneration. BP is now separated from Fuel/Stamina/Battery/Energy/Fury.

Class Special / Keybind Rework​

Our class special system has been entirely reworked to allow classes to have more class special abilities without using the old limited "Alternate Ability" commands. Now instead of alternate ability commands that caused class specials to change binds based on what was equipped the new system allows each class to have up to four class special abilities instead of the previous two. In addition everyone now has a dedicated universal "Melee" keybind. So be sure to check and update your keybinds when this releases!

Legends & Custom Point Builds​

With an upcoming release we will be reviving an old work in progress feature we never completed: Custom Point Builds. Custom point builds allow authors of levels and custom legends teams to create setups for each class to have their own custom point builds, similar to open mode. Allowing users to no longer be restricted to a specific build per class choice, but allowing them a much wider range of choices similar to open mode. The next update of Legends will feature massive sweeping changes to the existing set of classes as a result of that addition and other things we are adding.


Humanoid Revamp​

For the past few years DT has been working on building our Humanoid Revamp. This revamp standardizes how animations are made, added, and used within MB2. In addition many animations have been updated or entire new ones created for both existing and future features. One way we have made it easier is that weapons now have "Animsets" which allow us to specify groups of animations for certain weapons or types of weapons. Which means when we add a new weapon or one is used in FA, it can use a specific animation set rather than having to go through adding cases across code manually for each specific animation or use case.

We will be showcasing some of the new animations in later dev diaries detailing new abilities, weapons, etc.

Future Class Updates​

This year will be our largest year ever in terms of class updates. Over half of the classes in the game are scheduled to receive at least one item/upgrade/weapon some time this year, with some of those classes receiving major updates or changes. Huge shake-ups are about to happen. Many of the abilities are not quite ready to be shown, however today we will be teasing you with some of them.

First up to bat is Jedi. As part of the saber update we have been working on the rework for this class's force powers and general ability set. Most if not all of the abilities for the class are receiving a pass of some sort to refine or add to the class. With the goal of giving players more options, as well as the ability to specify what you want out of the class more than before. This includes making "Force Whore" a fully featured part of the class's design.

Now, as we are only giving you some teasers today, here is a look at the buy menu for the class. Please note though that point values are placeholders and not final values.


CR-2 Heavy Blaster Pistol​

Jedi is far from the only class receiving an update. Next up is the reveal of a new weapon for Troopers (Rebel Soldier): the CR-2. CR-2 is a weapon seen being used by the Naboo Security forces featuring its unique green blaster bolts, a high fire rate, a modified versions of old EE-3s shot bloom mechanic, and a design focused around close-range "hip firing".

DC-15A Blaster Carbine​

vlcsnap-2021-09-24-10h07m53s160 (1).png

The DC-15A Blaster Carbine is a staple of the Clone Trooper that we will be finally adding into MB2. Canonically it functions similarly to an E-11, and that is not much different here. However, it will feature many stat variations to differentiate the two as well as a brand new stun mechanic, as well as the ability to use it in tandem with the previously revealed M3 Bulwark Blast Shield, with reduced accuracy of course.

Model & Map Updates​

Our modelers have been absolute machines over the past few months. We have a whole slew of player models and skins coming in a patch later today, but we want to highlight a few here to show case some of their hard work. However, they haven't stopped there and we have a group of new models to showcase as well.

Commander Gree & Nemec​

Ahsoka Series Nighttrooper​

Han Solo Upgrade​

Shadows of the Empire Trooper​

Droid pistol RG-4D, Imperial Officer RK-3, Scout Blaster EC-17​


E-11 Upgrade Highpoly​

DL-21 Highpoly​

Our newest team mapper Bob Billy has been slaving away on two new maps as well. Our first full open mode Taris map: Sith Base, and a new Manaan map: Hrakert Station. In the future he will be detailing more about these two maps but for now here is a quick teaser!


Patch Day​

With today being such a special day, we wanted to not only give players a look into what we are working on, but also some new content to play with. Later today we will be launching the latest v1.10.1 patch for everyone.

This is a small patch that focuses mainly on cosmetic upgrades and a few bugfixes. Modelers have been working overtime!

General Future Plans​

This year, with most of the backend reworks done, we hope to deliver patches at a faster rate than last year. Many of the changes taking place for the next major patch should help us do just that, while at the same time adding a lot of content for everyone. We also hope to deliver the first new class in the mod in over 15 years. However, you're going to have to wait a bit longer for the reveal on that one.
Awesome upcoming changes! I dabble in some mb2 every now and then. My favorite builds were b18 and rc1. Hope everyone is well!


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Damn, it's been that long already ?
Excited for the future still after all this time, thanks for everything !


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MB2's list of programmers isn't really long and I'm sure this was a coordinated effort, thus, everyone:



GCJ and Tempest on the gameplay stuff at the moment - Thats all the cool stuff you in the post plus the backend changes to enable it. Mace also does alot on the UI side.

I am doing enabling work on Launcher to make it possible to do much more regular updates.
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