Death Star - Falcon Interior


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I didn't see this suggested anywhere already but in case it was sorry lmao, but I remember playing on a map on another JKA mod which had an interior for the Falcon. I thought it could make a nice addition for the Death Star map, with the Rebs having to make their way to the cockpit once the Falcon is unlocked. Could make for some funny situations.


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Wouldn't really work well with what we have. Too cramped of an entrance that is easily camped and guarded. Even if you added the cargo lift and other entrances it would still be pretty cramped and hard to get into.

However, that isn't really the biggest issue. The biggest issue is size/room/performance. In order to add the falcon interior, the actual size of the hangar would nee do be increased so that the actual falcon model can be increased enough that you can actually fit anything in there. And even then it would be a pretty tight fit because we have to deal with brush based collision which means things are a bit thicker than a model in a modern engine. DS hangar is also on the verge of having a too much in it that could hurt performance if we do so before the model optimizations are completed. (similar to what DOTF is suffering from right now) as there isn't really a good way to block out all of that extra detail/corridors within the falcon without making things even more bulky and chopping up everything in the hangar visibility wise.
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Hmm Falcon Interior nice idea my friend It will be good for this guys ho love RP but MaceMadunusus is right