CTF FA map Feedback

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With the introduction of some new instagib CTF maps in the V1.6.2 Update, I have seen some issues with these maps that I would like to request get updated. This may be better addressed by whoever is responsible for the current UM maps since these values seem to be hardcoded into the FA itself.

1. Each player has 5 lives. In a CTF environment, this number should be way higher or I would argue non-existent. Reason being is because with the way the map currently is in FA, if you fully kill the enemy team (or yourself), the round just ends. No one wins. In an instagib match, these lives are snuffed out at an extremely quick pace and I think that there really shouldn't be a life limit in a CTF game.

2. Instead of 2 captures, 5 min timelimit. I would like to see the is number increased to 3 captures, 7 minute time limit.

3. More maps ported

4. With the introduction to 3, maybe it would be better to make CTF its own mode for allow for additional customization.