Third party Connection Interrupted Forever

On DN server occasionally the game freezes with connection interrupted. I am still able to look at other servers on the server browser and join them, and turn my spectator camera around, or do whatever I need to do in settings, but once this bug occurs I can't even see the server which I was connected on in the browser.

It eventually fixes itself if I join another game or come back after some time, but there is nothing in console I can see which is helpful, as no alerts or anything show once I begin connection interrupted.

I must say that my internet is not very stable as 6 motherfuckers need to use it for work and uni, so this issue could be down to packet loss or some magic internet shit.

Occasionally I cannot see a single server in the browser following a connection interrupted incident, I've spoke about this in-game a few times and I believe it might be down to my internet being a piece of shit, but if there's anything known about this happening it would be nice if it would help.

Also, this has been happening since the patch before the one where that strange tk system was added, it may be due to me using Bully's cyrillc script mod and the Motherfucker Mace voice pack, but idk


the grinch
Movie Battles II Team
Everything described here fits the pattern of networking issues. If you are having persistent reproducible issues with a specific server then you should take it up with the owner. It is not a Movie Battles II bug.