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Technical Issue Clueless about Demos

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Hi, I'm trying to record a tournament for Longsword, but it's humanly impossible to go into spectator and record every single duel at the same time, so I looked into Demo recordings. I've downloaded jaMME and ran start_jaMME_MBII.cmd and it ran, (to an extent.) It showed me the big yellow MOVIE BATTLES II logo, so I thought it was working, but it closed itself, and gave me an error in the small JKA window with the yellow, text (I dunno what to call it). The error read "VM_Create on UI failed" so I don't know what to do. Other people seem to have gotten it working, but each thread I've found just doesn't seem to contain what I'm looking for. If you need to get back to me, that's fine, but the sooner I get an answer, the better.


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I could be wrong, but last I knew, jaMME isn't compatible with the JAMP engine or something as of a recent MB2 update.

Assuming that's the case, the only thing I'd really suggest is to run the demo in game and use a 3rd party recording software to screen grab. Then maybe have people help you record other people in the match (so they'd have to get the demos and recording software as well (OBS Studio is good for this).

VM_Create error is usually thrown when you are trying to run jamp.exe while it's already running, so maybe check in task manager to see if there isnt another JAMP running? But I think jaMME may be bugged/require workarounds for it to work and I wish I could help with it, but I never bothered looking into it because I was sad they made it stop working in the first place.

EDIT: Ok, this thread has everything you need to know on the last pages JAMME Tutorial Video *trigger warning*

Basically, since MB2 isn't open source, it can't use jaMME due to some strange licensing issues. It has been disabled for apparently 2 years now (Jesus, I thought it was more recent).

If MB2 was open source (If only), we could have everything we ever wanted :(
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