Bring Back Duel (and other) Maps For FA!

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Without the duel maps no one ever plays or populates the FA servers.
It also seems like most of the fun and immersive maps have been removed from the maplist.

This sucks because no one goes on FA anymore (US FA at least,) and duel maps were what got the initial people on the server on low pop.
I'm assuming the reasoning for this is that the Duel maps don't support over a specific amount of people, but this could be fixed by making the map automatically change to something else when the map hits maybe 2 or 3 players over the available amount of slots.
An easier fix would be to just make the RTV timer shorter if players are tricked into switching to maps that don't support their amount of players.

Really seems to be an error in logic here when mb2_tusken was removed but matrix_bbrawl was left in.