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Hello people, i am making this thread to release my "plugins" out to everyone.

I haven't been playing the game much lately, and due to those reasons i find it hard to find the motivation to host the "Ranked Dueling" server. Hence, I feel like it would be selfish to still keep the work all to myself.

I won't be complaining about the game here, but i will write this message to the devs:
Thank you for making this amazing mod, for a free game I certainly did put in an obscene amount of hours in it. It was a really unique experience for me and i will surely remember it for a long while.

With the boring stuff out of the way, here's my work so far. As i was writing it i really didn't imagine i'd get to the point where I would release it openly, so please keep that in mind.

Another thing to keep in mind:

For the more tech-savvy bunch, or people that would like to create their own thing using my framework, here's how the code works.
the run_command function at the end of the controlflow module reads the stdout, and funnels it to appropriate functions for ELO management.
the network module is tasked with sending commands to the server.

Those are the two things that should interest you if you wish to make your own thing. Stats for open? Auto-kick people with a padawan name? The sky is the limit.

Feel free to message me on Discord or PM me here for any questions.

Special thanks to:
@pelmeņu lauks

Blake out.
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-Migrated the script to a SQLite system instead of JSON. A lot of while and for loops hence got removed and both the performance and the readability of the code should be greatly improved.

-Added an RCON password setting to the cfg, an oversight on my part. Before this change you would've needed to edit the rcon password in the source code.