SERVER Announcing new {SF} NA Server (Updated to 1.5.1)

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    Originially hosting from the UK, {SF} servers are now being expanded to North America (hosting in Beauharnois, Quebec).

    For those unfamiliar with {SF},we have many different systems in place to ensure that gameplay is uninteruptted for players and to prevent incidents that negatively impact other peoples experience such as TeamKilling, team stacking and so on such as:

    - Enabled RTV
    - Tips for new players every round. Tips are specialized based on what server you are on and what mode the server is on.
    - An automated anti-spam system specifically built to detect spams of bound say commands and allow normal human chat even if it is fast. The penalty for spamming is being muted for 10 minutes.
    - Players with bad IPs (VPN/proxy/etc) are automatically warned twice in intervals of 10 seconds and then kicked.
    - In-game !report command that forwards all reports to our Discord. All admins and other players to see all reports sent in. Admins and players see different details as privacy is important to us. Admins also have access to servers logs on Discord and are able to read the chat from their devices without having to open the game.
    - Shared bans between all servers.
    - Flood protection enabled.
    - Client side modifications (PenekePack and similar) are not blocked.
    - Servers are dockerized and restart themselves automatically upon any type of failure.
    - RTVRTM restarts itself upon any type of failure.
    - DDoS and SSH brute-forcing protections.
    - Our server-side tool (Yoda) responsible for spam detection, handling reports and so on is being constantly worked on and improved by Lukewarm (isair) so watch this space for new additions
    -And active admins who can be reached personally (For a full list of them please look to our Discord server linked below)

    And many more features in the works (imposter recognsition and intentional tking detection).

    Server IP:

    Our discord in case you want to join or need to @ an admin.
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    - Players with bad IPs (VPN/proxy/etc) are automatically warned twice in intervals of 10 seconds and then kicked.

    This should be on every server.
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    Thanks @isair.

    Do you have ownership claims for nicknames in your plans. Say, /register like feature, so you have your nickname permanently on the server and it's reserved just for you. I have not seen this new renaming system in action yet.
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    A semi-safe way of doing this via an external tool could be to get a permanent bot in-game, make players do something like /tell login username pass (bot will be conveniently named login in this case), and parse tells. It is doable, but I'd want to go over details such as how the /tell command target name matching works exactly (for security reasons) and other possible ways of doing this. Then, I can put this somewhere around the middle of the roadmap which I'd say should take a bit longer than a month to get to.
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    New Update and Additions

    - We now have an EU Duel server with an Anti-Lamer Protection algorithm.
    - Players can now see banned entry attempts as they are made under the #banned-entry-attempts channel.
    - All automated actions made by Yoda (our bot) are forwarded to #automated-actions for players and #automated-actions-detailed for admins. You will see who gets muted for spamming, renamed for trying to imitate the name of an existing player, kicked for trying to impersonate an admin, etc.
    - The statistical algorithm used for detecting possible lamers have been improved. Additionally, reports are now taken into account as well.
    - When a player is reported for laming, the Discord message will include what the statistical algorithm thinks

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