A Modern Renderer - Rend 2 (Graphics Mod)

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Shadows seem a little too dark at times, but yes, rend2 looks beautiful. It's going to really change JKA, honestly. I don't see this game dying much anytime soon, especially with rend2 in the works. I have a feeling more people are going to scratch model to accommodate rend2 as well, which EA might not like, but I don't think they can actually do anything about it.


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linux isnt considered garbo anymor
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Is there any update on this at all? @W!zard
I haven't had time to follow the development as of late, but this is what I stumbled upon a few months ago:

XJ GTU has been testing a few different settings of newer Rend2 versions and showcased them in a series of Videos on his Channel.

Also like I've mentioned in the original post the DF2 Mod creators developed GL2, which is afaik a newer version of Rend2, specially created to be used with DF2 (not sure where the difference is, if there is any).
The JK Community discord has a channel in which they sometimes showcase the Progress like here:

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im sorry but could someone please explain why this isnt in MB2 even tho its been a real thing for more that a few years is it that the team wont incorperate this into the mod or add support for it? I understand that not everyone can run graphics this well but it doesn't make a lot of sense to hold this off for the rest of the public, ive talked to people who have literally said they would play more or even try out MB2 if the graphics were better. just curious


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The current most updated version of Rend 2 that several things in MB2 actually do support, is currently Single Player only. It also still needs a fair amount of work. We won't ever be able to fully support it though, because we don't have the resources to go back over all of the old graphics. That would take me a lot of money and time to do.

Here is the first map in the tutorial coming in the next release, which also converts some regular kamino assets to PBR.

And some DOTF assets running in this