A Modern Renderer - Rend 2 (Graphics Mod)

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Shadows seem a little too dark at times, but yes, rend2 looks beautiful. It's going to really change JKA, honestly. I don't see this game dying much anytime soon, especially with rend2 in the works. I have a feeling more people are going to scratch model to accommodate rend2 as well, which EA might not like, but I don't think they can actually do anything about it.
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Is there any update on this at all? @W!zard
I haven't had time to follow the development as of late, but this is what I stumbled upon a few months ago:

XJ GTU has been testing a few different settings of newer Rend2 versions and showcased them in a series of Videos on his Channel.

Also like I've mentioned in the original post the DF2 Mod creators developed GL2, which is afaik a newer version of Rend2, specially created to be used with DF2 (not sure where the difference is, if there is any).
The JK Community discord has a channel in which they sometimes showcase the Progress like here: