1.10 -> 1.4.8 Dueling Transition Guide


Internal Beta Team

As some of you may have noticed, Je'daii is hosting a server that runs on the 1.4.8 MB2 patch. That is due to the different dueling system used, that includes several new mechanics such as PBC, MBC, Perfect Parry etc.​

1.4.8 Installation guide

Download link (from MBII archives)
- the installation guide may be different in the future, depending on what improvements players may find while installing -

After downloading 1.4.8;

1. Rename your current MBII folder to something else, for example "MBII1.10" < this is because the game will run only based on folder called "MBII", anything else is not detected

2. Place the MBII folder from 1.4.8 to your GameData folder, usually > C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Jedi Academy\GameData

3. Launch the mbii.x86.exe < launcher is not needed

4. Play -> Join and you should be able to see Je'daii 1.4.8 server

!! You do not need to replace your GameData content with the 1.4.8, as stated in the guide only the MBII folder is needed.

!! Backup your openjk.cfg, jampconfig.cfg or eternaljk.cfg, depending on what client do you use. < HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

as when you will start 1.4.8, all your settings will be default

Alternative incase .exe won't work: create a .txt file, write mbii.x86.exe +set fs_game "MBII" and rename it to .bat file, simply launch and play.

To revert back, simply rename the MBII folder to something like MBII1.4.8 and rename your MBII1.10 to MBII again

BTW you need to type "snaps 50" in console so you can join the server

Setting up the game

Things to look out for from what I've noticed: binds for reload, slap, saber throw, you also might want to change your FOV (cg_fov 80-97), or your crosshair (cg_dynamicCrosshair 0-1)

Renderers such as Rend2 or Vulkan do work, but I can't tell if it's really stable. You should definitely try it out. Just do know that you won't be able to change settings of these renderers in UI, so you have to do it through commands. (r_)

cl_renderer rd-rend2-mbii; vid_restart

cl_renderer rd-vulkan-mbii; vid_restart

TargetDamp and CameraDamp is different, default settings for live patch is

cg_thirdpersontargetdamp 1 and cg_thirdpersoncameradamp 1 for smoothness

1.4.8 Dueling Transition Guide

Do note that this does not serve as a dueling guide, it is to tell people who haven't played 1.4 (including me) what different to expect.

Perks on styles

Blue: Drain opponents BP upon PB < think it's 6BP
Cyan: Perfect Parry staggers opponent
Yellow: No BP loss on failing MBlock
Staff: No need to look at PB zones to PB, you can instead use MBlock, which will also stagger your opponent if he swingblocks
Duals: The rest of your combo swings deals 0.75x damage instead of 0.5x as in all styles
Red: Third hit staggers if the second hit was a bodyhit (it was not pb'd / parried)
Purple: Gain ACC for PBing swings

Base damage is lowered and patch gets called "ACM patch", as your ACM activates already on the second swing in all styles. ACM damage is thus as well lowered, as it calculates based off percentage (1.2x damage, etc).
Perfect Parry, which is indicated by blue crosshair - seems to not do anything extra, however while using cyan, it will stagger your opponent
Perfect Block Counter is basically countering after you PB. It deals increased damage than normal counter.
Manual Block Counter is basically instant counter that occurs when you successfully MBlock your opponent and then counter with the corresponding key (the same as when you are disarming, if opponent does SA swing, you will want to do WA counter after MBlocking). Do note that MBlocking does not mean necessarily disarming.
MBlock, now when you fail MBlock with any different style than yellow, you will lose BP. You will also see MBlock animations only when you walk, however, you can still MBlock even without the animations. Can not disarm W swing with W, you have to hold S. MBLOCK also breaks combo
?? Swingblock generally looks like it will fuck you over if you don't perform it properly - so for example running slightly while perfoming the swing will not be considered as proper swingblock even if ur not running when you land the hit. Although this could be just some placebo effect.
Small hops do drain BP, around 6BP
DFAs work as usual, however, Instant DFAs no longer work (God be blessed). That means if you DFA when someone is swinging, you will deal 0BP damage with your DFA.

Slapping cooldown is only 3 seconds instead of 4 seconds in current patch. There is also a bit of delay while trying to punish a slap, which may result in you doing a W swing or perhaps no swing at all in the start.
BP Regen is actually bigger and also faster. That means instead of 4BP regen per 400ms in current dueling, there will be 6BP regen per X ms.. (no clue)
Combos have no restriction anymore on all styles. That means even with Red, you can perform combo like: SA A WA
Counters (applies to every swing counter) actually work. That means there is no need to backpedal to try and counter (and in current patch still end up being interrupted). Getting interrupted while trying to counter is rare occasion here. (God be blessed)
Blue can only chain up to 2 swings instead of its 4 in current patch
Cyan can only chain up to 4 swings instead of its 5 (since its 6th swing removal) in current patch
Perfect Block Zones are bit outwards compared to the current PB zones. As an example:

PB zones currently vs. PB zones in 1.4.8 (please do note that this image serves as an example, that means it is not the proper placement of the PB zones)
There still are magic zones/overlaps, but I find them harder to do and they seem to be always closer to the swing above, instead of being centered.

There is no PB on return. That means if you perform, for example, single swing and your opponent counters you, you won't be capable of PBing his first swing.

A reminder:

There are no unlimited lives in 1.4.8, as a matter of fact, there' are only 6 lives per round
Round is only 5 minutes long
There are no private duels
There is no yellow crosshair when enemy PBs
Longsabers and shortsabers exist, that means some hilts may have longer range than others.
Join bugs happen. Be careful while joining, as you may either not join at all or join without your build in class settings. (So far we are pretty capable of restarting the round so no one needs to wait in spec after new round started. Same applies when someone dies either very soon, or many players die in a round.)



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Okay, so after some testing in duels...

Still bad, but in its own, special way. Just needs different corrections than current patch :cri:
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Internal Beta Team
Completely forgot to mention that incase it prints out that you don't have enough snaps required to join the server, simply type in console
snaps 50

and it'll work