update error

  1. Kracso

    Launcher Launcher closing on update

    Disclaimer: I haven't played in a while, so I'm not sure if the launcher has undergone any new iterations or changes that I need for it to work. I'm having trouble updating my launcher. Every time I launch, it asks me to undergo an update. If I press yes, it updates to about 50-60% percent...

    Latest update isnt working. disconnects servers.

    with the latest update, i cant even play online, servers are unavailable and when i try to go on em via favorites, they're barely there. And when i do connect, im immediately disconnected with the message "the game was running unusual software" or something like that. help?
  3. Kodibear

    Launcher Launcher update + other problems with download...

    So I got Jedi Academy during this years Summer Sale, while playing I remembered a certain mod that you all may know (Trust me on this, I think you'll know it) called Movie Battles II. I am absolutely awestruck by this mod and I am excited to dive right into it! However, I cannot dive just yet...
  4. Masamoto6

    Technical Issue Error when attempting to download launcher update.

    I attempted to update the launcher when trying to play today, I got this error message. When I clicked continue It went to the 'Downloading MBII 2 launcher, please wait for about 30 minutes. I took my friends advice and removed all files related to MBII mod. I'm now attempting to fully...