rogue one

  1. Lessen

    General Voice Update Thread

    This thread is a place to store specific timestamps (or maybe even audio files) for specific lines that could be used for mods/updates to improve the quality of taunts/gloats for various characters. This started because I supposed that Jyn and Cassian could both have better taunts/gloats, and...
  2. Jameson

    Rogue One map suggestions and ideas.

    Hey! I just rewatched rogue one and decided to think about future mb2 content and what it could be. And by it I mean the maps. Rogue One had some beautiful designed locations and were also enjoyable to be seen. So for the maps there could be: mb2_jedhacity, mb2_eadubattle, mb2_scarif. FA...
  3. Encritary

    RoguePack v1.2 - /Accurate update!/

    ROGUEPACK v1.2 Works on JAMP! WARNING! This pack is addon for Penekepack. Please install it before installing my pack. Penekepack: Penekepack V1.6.2 Replacement mod // The imperial Heroes update // DOWNLOAD: PRESS HERE!