1. DarthValeria

    KOTOR: Endar Spire Map

    I always wanted to make a Hammerhead Cruiser interior but I was so lazy and I had no experience making those corners I watches some tutorial about Bevels and here are the results
  2. DarthValeria

    CMP maps of Telos, Nar Shaddaa, Onderon and Manaan

    Is it possible to find these maps sources I would love to make modifications for three Machinima movies in the future
  3. Bully

    🚨 Petitioning all map makers 🚨

    The premise is simple, we take a commonly played map with some kind of tower structure, elevator or staircase and we expand it to the maximum possible map height. Send me any maps you created with this premise and I will personally host an event for it. It doesn't have to be pretty but it...
  4. DarthValeria

    UM_Bespin Map, where can I find it?

    (My english isnt so good, sorry if i wrote something wrong) As some of you guys know, I'm making Jedi Academy Machinimas by using movie duels, galactic legacy and other small mods Me and my friends were playing movie battles and we entered UM team's bespin map, I'm quite impressed by that map...
  5. DarthValeria

    SWTOR: Fury-Class Imperial Interceptor Map

    2021 helped me to learn about mapping a bit better That's why I decided to create Sith Starship called Fury-Class Interceptor Normally this is what map looks like But I decided to use this one below. Because second one seems much detailed I'll keep you updated in time
  6. DarthValeria

    SWTOR: Dromund Kaas Stronghold Map

    I'm still a rookie at mapping But I always wanted to make a map of Dromund Kaas SH from swtor It's still in Beta but at least brushes and miterings look fine I believve Tell me what do you think dear friends!
  7. DarthValeria

    Jedi Academy maps by using Blender

    I have been trying to learn Modelling house for a few days and I wonder that is it possible to make Jedi Academy with blender then converting it into .map format and importing it to GtkRadiant Because mapping fancy maps in Radiant is very difficult and also buggy as it crashes when i make new...
  8. DarthValeria

    I am looking for a mapper

    As i mentioned it in the title , i need a mapper to prepare a YT-2000 freighter inside map like the Millenium Falcon map in the Jedi Academy (Sith-J-Cull's Falcon) Here is some pictures that can help you It'll be appriciated if you can make a map of freighter for me , it is so important for my...
  9. Nightshades

    Siege Map (Adventure)

    Hello, i love pretty much the actual maps of MB II, their design is really well made and the props with it too however we are missing so much insane map. A long time ago i re-played Star Wars the phantom menace for fun (pc) version, the gameplay was kinda boring but the levels were pretty good...
  10. cgj26

    Need some Help with maps

    I need help with Class Configs, Loading Screens, Obj. I think that's it but I will updtae if I need more help
  11. »vi¶er«

    Gtkradiant textures load fail

    Hi there, I m interessted in mapping. Thats why I installed Gtkradiant. I already designed my first room. While compiling the log says "texture load failed". I do not understand why the textures can not be found because I can open my Gamedata/base folder where the folder "textures" is including...