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    Hello, i love pretty much the actual maps of MB II, their design is really well made and the props with it too however we are missing so much insane map.
    A long time ago i re-played Star Wars the phantom menace for fun (pc) version, the gameplay was kinda boring but the levels were pretty good.
    Take an example in this video: .

    It would be very interesting to reproduce "Wide opened" environment map, or even this map "underwater" it has a very specific atmosphere, and the level being dark add some scary atmosphere.

    In a map like this many possibilities are open, the map itself is "huge" would be perfect for a "Siege" Attack/Defend role, and with the Gungans using their electrical grenade (spear too ?) it would be nice.

    And a reproduction of the garden of theed: .
    To be clear those map(s) are so huge we can call them PvE (players versus environment) or in the term of JKA, a HUGE Siege map, again multiple choice of objective and a good amount of action can be offered in those "Huge opened map space" where it contain building, many secret room, balcony,vehicles and much more (maybe a static E-Web minigun).

    What do you guys think about it ? do you think that this kind of wide "open world" map would good for Full-Authentic/Open Game Mode.
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    i always welcome new ingame modes and maps :) so the more the buttar ;P
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    Huge wide-open spaces cause performance issues cuz of engine limitations. Even on good computers.
    Huge maps are also kinda bad for gameplay, too much wandering around to find people.
    There's also already a couple pretty crazily large maps in the community map pack (cmp_ maps), seemingly pulled/modified from the base game? Possibly? They're maze-like. It's a lot of confused wandering-around trying to find the last enemy players to kill.

    I do like the general idea of "large space to explore" but am very dubious that that idea can be merged with MB2 effectively.

    Also, of course, making a larger map (of good quality) requires even more work.

    One way to merge the concepts at least within the constraints of FA (as seen in the "aliens" map already in mb2) is to have a large map that some attackers are navigating, while the defenders play easy-to-kill many-life classes and the spawn point for defenders updates continuously so that the defenders always spawn relatively near to where the attackers are on their trek through the map. This is probably most like what you were thinking, given your example of a single-player game. There's a few cmp FA maps like that, but the idea doesn't work well with Open at all.
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