1. DarthValeria

    KOTOR: Machinima Test

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    REVAN: The Series (Made by Kevin Smets)

  3. DarthValeria

    Starıka's Jedi Academy Machinimas

    I'm sure some of you already seen my machinimas, However i decided to gather all of my machinimas , my blender works and my map projects here Enjoy ^_^
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    Star Wars: Spark of Hope - First Look [HD] [Jedi Academy Machinima]

  5. DarthValeria

    Timelapse of SWTOR model converting into Jedi Academy

  6. DarthValeria

    New SWTOR model i prepared in a livestream

  7. DarthValeria

    SWTOR Models in Jedi Academy (Success)

    I have been preparing a massive jedi academy machinima series for months But as you can see it requires so new skills like working at a swtor model in blender then exporting it But I'm learning , not a big problem guys , and I assure you. When this series starts , everyone will be suprised by it...
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    RoshPenin VEVO

  9. DarthValeria

    Process for "Spark of Hope" - Jedi Academy Series

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    Alpha Squad I Teaser Trailer

  11. DarthValeria

    Star Wars: End of the CIS - Teaser

    This isnt my work ^_^
  12. DarthValeria

    If anyone loves A CLONE APART Machinima, I'm sure you'll find this interesting ^_^

  13. DarthValeria

    Star Wars: Heir to the Empire - Trailer

    This isnt my work But i believe this guy's machinima earns tens of thousands views for this trailer as it is so exciting ^_^
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    Star Wars: Operation: Knightfall - Jedi Academy Machinima

  15. DarthValeria

    Star Wars: Heir to the Empire

    A short scene from the Heir to the Empire book Enjoy!
  16. DarthValeria

    Fall of Lotus: A Star Wars Story - Jedi Academy Machinima

    Since 2009, that means i was 14 years old. I have been working on a star wars side story, it tells about a force sensitive order and its alliance that has been founded during days of the old republic times I'll tell all details about the progress of years after the movie has many comments here...
  17. DarthValeria

    Star Wars: Darth Maul & Savage Oppress vs Darth Sidious - Jedi Academy Machinima