kylo ren

  1. Encritary

    RoguePack v1.2 - /Accurate update!/

    ROGUEPACK v1.2 Works on JAMP! WARNING! This pack is addon for Penekepack. Please install it before installing my pack. Penekepack: Penekepack V1.6.2 Replacement mod // The imperial Heroes update // DOWNLOAD: PRESS HERE!
  2. Koy McCloud

    Star Wars Movie Battles II Steam Custom Image

    Just a little something for those who like to play Movie Battles on Steam, a custom image to set on the game in your steam library, I hope you enjoy.
  3. ShenLongKazama

    Exile on Tatooine Kylo Ren

    Just a little skin i made. Original model and textures by Lervish & Plasma.
  4. ShenLongKazama

    Technical Issue Kylo Ren stance animation request

    Trying to make a specific animation, could be used as a Kylo Ren stance aswell, but can't get the dragon tool to work. The animation i mean is this:
  5. ShenLongKazama

    [Request] HD Kylo Ren model

    Is there a working hd kylo ren model like this one? Would love to use that for new artsy pictures, stuff. :)
  6. GoodOl'Ben

    Kylo Ren replacement

    Found this cool reskin of Kualan's Kylo Ren model by Kriskopreved. Looked really good, so I figured I'd give it a shot. Turns out it's a pretty darn good model. Added some taunts and made a replacement. Original link: Download for replacement...
  7. Kazi

    Kylo Ren sounds

    I did a thing and got some sounds This replacement is supposed to work with the replacement that changes the reborn2 model into Kylo Ren. If it doesn't work for you, open your own Kylo Ren replacement PK3 and throw the sounds in there instead. Now I'll just sit here and wait until someone rips...