1. Nukleus

    Special Attacks / Combo List

    Can someone collect and explain all the special moves from movie battles 2? Like super push, advenced melee combos. -------------------------- The galaxy will be ours.
  2. Nukleus

    Hosting Server /forcetoggle

    Hi there, I have a simple question: Im usually hosting a server, named Vrag Ubit. I want turn off forcepowers, but forcetoggle doesn't works on duel mod, (other mod I didn't try), is it possible somehow?
  3. AdrieN

    [VIDEO] - Movie Battles II: Montage [#03] - Movie Battles II: Montage [#03] Hello everyone! Here's another part of my Movie Battles II montages. This part is actually shorter than the last one, but it's in 60 FPS (wow), so your eyes shouldn't hurt this time. Enjoy! = )