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    Swapping between Wrist Laser & Flamethrower: it's past time you fixed this.

    There's something charmingly medieval and scholastic about the way you structured your post. Very Thomas Aquinas.
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    rage wookiee

    I took my hiatus just before rage was implemented in the game, but my first thought on hearing about it was that it was a mistake and, looking back, might be the first time that MB2 "jumped the shark." The main issue with rage as a mechanic is that it turns the wookiee class into an unfun...
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    What are the arguments for jedi/sith having 100 hp?

    I don't think you can use the current meta to make assessments of Jedi/Sith viability at the moment. The FP drains on guns are acknowledged to be broken (currently too low) and are being adjusted by the devs to be brought back into line. My understanding is that this has been the case for the...
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    Remove Dodge

    Lots of people have been playing the game continuously for a decade or more. I think many of the posters in this thread are well-positioned to at least imagine and speculate on the ramifications of removing dodge, even if it's widely-acknowledged that dodge is a solution to many gameplay...
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    Remove Dodge

    My understanding is that it's been acknowledged the current FP drains are either bugged or maladjusted. Hopefully they'll be addressed next patch.
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    Remove Dodge

    I think that's right. I also remember there being an IDR-style mechanic either from the beginning or maybe patched in one of the later builds. Or maybe that was just a result of players naturally learning to close range against dodge users, since you were more likely to hit and trigger dodge...
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    Remove Dodge

    I'd be open to a revert to old dodge (though who knows if everyone's on the same page about what 'old dodge' means). I can appreciate that dodge is a solution to more problems than simply snipers (i.e. the above-mentioned corner-camping tools). Part of the problem here too is that other...
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    Remove Dodge

    I think part of the issue with dodge in almost all of its implementations is that it's not fun to fight against. There was a time (now long ago) when it felt like it had some counter-play, but now it feels more like an unlimited regenerating health bar that's difficult and costly to punish...
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    Dev Diary - Game Stats

    I was on hiatus through all that, but I can respect that even with the best of intentions, the resources are not always at hand to do the job you'd like to do. It's reassuring to see a measured approach to the inclusion of data in feedback--thanks for your response.
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    Dev Diary - Game Stats

    This is very cool. I think it'll be fun to see how the data shakes out. My only concern is that while data is useful, ultimately what matters is the balance and gameplay philosophy the dev team is aiming for, since this will inform how the data is interpreted. I'm thinking of something like my...
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    We are hosting 1.3.0 (MB2) (NA Server)

    I would actually be super interested in trying this out. 1.3 is not too long after I began my extended break from the mod. Might be good to get some gameplay perspective on the current state of the mod.
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    My Final MB2 Rant... Toxic players and internet made me cry - European Edition

    I don't fully understand all the changes yet. I'm not sure what prompted dodge's rework. There's more to say on all these things, but I don't want to clog up an EU commentary thread with anymore NA stuff.
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    My Final MB2 Rant... Toxic players and internet made me cry - European Edition

    It's interesting to hear this about the EU community. It's my perception that things have worsened dramatically in the NA community since I last played in terms of time-wasting and "non-playing." But I credited this to the general fall off in server populations and a loss of options in the...
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    MB2's Map statement !

    I didn't state my case clearly enough. It's not the fact of a corridor that makes DOTF classic so successful as a map so much as certain elements of map layout design which the corridor and its surrounding rooms happen to exemplify. To restate, these are: 1) Spaces large enough to accommodate...
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    Corellia: Past and Future

    This looks fantastic. Corellia is a classic and was one of my favourite CMP maps back in the day. Fascinating to hear you discuss gameplay elements and how changes were motivated by play! Looking forward to trying it out.