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    MovieBattles II V1.5.4 Released

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    [SOLVED] Using JAMP with Origin

    Open up launcher settings and change engine to "MBII Client", or leave launcher running in the background and start Jedi Academy multiplayer using Origin (you must add to advanced launch options: +set fs_game "MBII"). The error is happening because the launcher is ending up starting single...
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    MovieBattles II V1.5.4 Released

    That just means no EU servers had updated yet when you posted (you can't see anything running older versions, and we can't update third party servers). Just be patient. Looks like some are up and populated now...
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    Whoever owns the tips.reporting servers

    Didn't think this was a thing outside base with bots?
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    If you were banned you would receive a message stating as such when attempting to join the server. No proper information on the player or server has been provided (see section notice at top of page), so there is nothing to even consider acting upon here.
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    So were you actually banned or ...? What is being requested here?
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    Launcher game wont launch

    The world doesn't revolve around Puppytine and any changes and inadvertent issues were not done simply to annoy you or make support harder. Where possible I've done things recently to specifically make support easier (or less necessary), such as updating the download page to make the common...
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    How to fix zoomed in game when using Widescreen (1080p-4k)

    Instead of setting DPI scaling system wide (which may result in everything being too small in other applications on something like a 4k laptop display), you can instead force only JAMP or OpenJK to ignore the system scaling:
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    Launcher game wont launch

    If all is working correctly that should be a folder with another subfolder within it and a configuration file within that. It is where settings are stored. I'm a little curious when you list running launcher as admin as something you've tried, as that's the default. Do you normally run with a...
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    Launcher game wont launch

    When you tried different engines, did you make sure to turn off steam integration? Did you try clearing launcher configuration files (the ones in appdata/local/Movie_Battles_Team)?
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    Meesa proposen maxi-big fun

    Not a fan of half of that (or think it would need to be implemented differently) but I'm all behind the philosophy - more new toys, less endless (re)balancing. The number one thing that makes the game less fun for me is everything feeling the same (or worse - haven't used wook bowcaster since...
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    I'm banned from BG?

    We're not BG and this isn't the place for ban disputes with them.
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    90% sure Crusader's post was satire.
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    Movie Battles featured by Vinesauce (2018)

    Always been a fan of the streamer, so I'm surprised I missed this last year.
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    [SOLVED] Bad FPS in MB2: whats the best nvidia driver to play this game?

    It sounds to me like you're not getting proper video acceleration from your GPU at all (so everything is running in software / CPU). That, or if you're using a laptop (unclear), your system has chosen to run the game using the integrated GPU instead of the GTX 1050. If so, you'll need to look...